Chapter 8- The War

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Hello!!! I'm back! I know, this is really short, BUT I'M BUSY!! HONEST!! I had to go to so many places. Anyways, without further excuses, let's begin!


Percy POV

We have been travelling underwater for about 2 hours without saying any words. We were all shocked at the sudden turn of events. And to add on to that, we were expecting a few monsters to attack. I mean, we have three demigods right here. And one of them happens to be a son of the big three. But the weird thing is, no monsters attacked, which was really fishy(no pun intended). But what I was mainly looking around for, was my Father.

The sudden break of silence made me jump. "Hey blondie, scoot over." Clarisse said.

"You think I have room? If I did, I'd get as far away from you as I could. Don't call me blondie," Annabeth snapped. She hated being called blondie.

"Whoa whoa chill out. No need to fight over me," I said. That made me chuckle. That earned me two girls glaring at me and a punch from both of them on each arm. I grasped my arms and faked hurt. "Sorry, I just had to," I said in between laughs. I stopped as soon as I felt that we reached San Francisco. It was pretty handy when you had the exact location you were at in the water. You know, being a son of Poseidon and all. Right when I was about to shoot us up onto land, I heard a certain voice.

"Perseus Jackson, I guess you were expecting me."

Oh no, not now. I thought. This was the worst time. We just reached San Francisco. I slowly turned around and look who it is. My Father.

"Yes, I was actually. Thanks for coming. Okay, bye!" I rushed out. The sentence was dripping with sarcasm. But part of it was real. I really did want him to leave. I don't think I have the power to beat my own father. I inherited his strength. And my fatal flaw is loyalty. How am I supposed to take him on. It won't feel right. And another thing, his fatal flaw was also loyalty. How is he going to fight me. Nonetheless, I stepped out of the bubble, and took my stance.

"Percy, be careful." I heard from behind. Annabeth, oh gods. Without much thought, I sent the water bubble up and onto land. Midway, I heard both of them screaming my name. They didn't want me to leave them. But I had to. I won't have them in danger because of me. This could get messy.

Be safe, Clarisse and Annabeth. I'll make it back, guys. With any means necessary.

"So, son, I believe it has to come to this. . . I'm sorry." Poseidon said as a bright green light formed into his trident. This next part caused me to almost pass out. He. .he passed me his trident and said two words. "Kill me."

This is one of the smallest chapters in history. I know, but I just love how it ends. It's just rattling. Anyways, I'm going to make it up to you guys by making chapter nine long as hell. Don't worry, I'll keep to that promise no matter what. This may have been short, but definitely one of my favorites. This was all the work I did in the little time I had. But oh well. I'm sorry.

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