Chapter 18 - Fell On Black Days (Soundgarden ; 1994)*

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We stayed up for a while longer, talking about the trip and Brendon and I gave them all the details of how everything was going to happen and such. After about two hours, it was nearing midnight and Mom and Dad had announced that they needed to turn in for the night because they both had to work in the morning. We bid them goodnight and I led Brendon upstairs to my bedroom.

We unloaded our suitcases and changed into our pajamas before crawling under the covers on my bed. Brendon laid his head on my chest but kept his gaze out toward my room as he looked around. "I like your Beatles posters," he said softly as he pointed to the various posters around my bedroom. "And that Clapton poster is sick."

I chuckled softly and nodded my head. "I h-have some good music taste," I said softly, earning a small laugh from Brendon as he turned around in my arms. I looked down into his eyes and couldn't help but to smile. "You're so beautiful," I said in an almost whisper.

I saw the faintest of smiles grace his lips before he thanked me and leaned up to press his lips to mine. I let my arms snake around his waist as I pulled his body impossibly closer to mine, our chest pressed together tightly. I took in a sharp breath through my nose as I kissed him even deeper and put both of my hands on his hips, gripping them semi-tightly.

The noises that Brendon was making weren't doing me any good. He was letting out soft whimpers each time my grip on his hips tightened and I pretty much just had a 'to hell with it' moment as I rolled over on top of him, letting my knee slot between his legs as we kissed each other even harder. I felt Brendon's hands snake up to my hair and grip the strands between his fingers, causing a low groan to leave my throat.

"Y-You're so perfect," I breathed out against his lips. "Perfect and all mine."

Brendon let out a moan at my words and nodded his head vigorously. "'M all yours, Ryan."

My hands made there way to the hem of his shirt, my fingers slipping under just enough to dance across the skin of his waist. He then lifted himself into a sitting position as he helped me hastily remove his t-shirt and toss it into the floor. My shirt came off next, following his to the growing pile of fabric in the floor. I leaned back down to kiss him a little too eagerly, causing our noses to bump which, in turn, caused the both of us to laugh gently.

We began removing clothes until we were two completely bare bodies pressed against one another. I was grinding my hips into Brendon's, earning small moans from him each time I did so. His fingertips were pressed deeply into my back as well as mine were into his hips as we continued to kiss messily. "R-Ryan please," he begged softly. "I need you, please."

I nodded gently and climbed off of him to walked to my closet. I opened it up and reached onto the top shelf, pulling down a box that contained a bottle of lubricant and a box of condoms. I grabbed the bottle and a single condom and returned to Brendon who was lazily stroking himself in the middle of my bed. The sight was enough to drive me crazy and I groaned as I set the materials on my bedside desk and climbed back between his legs.

"Y-You look so good like this, Bren," I whispered softly. I grabbed the bottle of lubricant and popped the top, placing a bit onto my fingers and rubbing them together to warm up the cool liquid. I then began trailing kisses from Brendon's navel to the inside of his thighs as I spread them apart slightly. I slid my hand between them and against his entrance, letting my index finger prod gently at the tight ring of muscles. "P-Please stop me if it's t-too much."

Brendon nodded gently and I slipped the single finger past his entrance. He let out a low groan at the intrusion, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. "F-Fuck, Ryan," he moaned out lowly. "Please d-don't stop."

I wasn't anywhere near planning on stopping as I began working the ring of muscles open gently. He gave me the go-ahead to insert a second finger and I obliged almost immediately. Brendon was beginning to shake slightly at my actions, and I was so completely blessed to get to witness this beautiful boy in this light; covered in a small sheen of sweat and begging for me and only me.

After working him open with a third finger he was gripping my shoulder tightly and practically begging for me, and who was I to deny his requests? I removed my fingers from him, earning a whine in protest at the loss of contact in the process. I grabbed the condom packet off of my desk and tore the package open, pulling out the protection and tossing the foil packet back on my desk. I rolled the rubber over my length and poured a bit more lubricant into my hand and lathered it onto myself as I leaned back to Brendon's level.

I lined myself up with his entrance, looking into his eyes to detect any form of apprehension only to find none. I pressed another deep kiss to lips as I pressed myself against his entrance and began sliding past the fairly stretched ring of muscles. Brendon's breath caught in his throat at the intrusion as did mine at the feeling of his tight heat wrapped around me. After a bit of hesitant movement, I finally bottomed out, causing Brendon and I to let out strained puffs of air.

I stopped momentarily, giving Brendon time to adjust to the stretch before he tapped my shoulder, telling me to keep going. I pulled out gently and pushed in a bit quicker, easily finding a rhythm as I began rocking in an out of him at a steady pace. His nails were pressed deep into my skin and I couldn't even focus on the slight pain it was causing me because I was absolutely too blissed out.

I began picking up my pace and angling my hips in different directions, causing Brendon to let out a high pitched moan at one particular thrust. "T-There," he moaned lowly as his grip on my back tightened. I nodded gently and continued hitting that one spot repeatedly, earning a string of curses and moans mixed with my name coming from Brendon's mouth.

I soon felt a familiar heated sensation in the pit of my stomach and proceeded to pick up my pace and forced my thrusts a little harder as I leaned down to Brendon's ear. "I-I'm close, Bren," I whispered hoarsely, earning a nod from him.

After a few more thrusts, I had reached my high and let out a loud moan as I came hard inside the protection covering me, Brendon following almost immediately behind me. His face looked so beautiful as he came, completely scrunched up and looking absolutely blissed out.

We stayed still for a few moments before I completely removed myself from him, causing him to groan at the suddenly empty feeling. I removed the condom and tied it before tossing it in the bin under my bedside desk. I then picked up my shirt from the floor and used it to clean off Brendon's stomach and chest before tossing it into the dirty clothes basket on the other side of the room.

I crawled back under the blankets and pulled Brendon into my chest, wrapping my arms around his bare body. He wrapped his arms around me as well, and we just held each other gently as we caught our breaths. I pressed a soft kiss to his forehead and leaned down to his ear. "Brendon?"

He looked up to face me and smiled softly at me. "Yeah?"

I bit my lip gently as I brought a hand up to his face and gently stroked his cheek with my thumb. "I-I love you," I whispered gently.

I watched Brendon's face light up before he leaned forward and pressed a soft, loving and passionate kiss to my lips.

"I love you, too."

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