Shadow Guy, part 1

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So hi! Ok i thought i would upload a second story, plz i beg u tell me wat u think cause im really not sure bout this one. Ok well enough of me babbling, here's part one of Shadow Guy!

Part one.

"Nooooo!" i sat up straight on my bed drenched in sweat and hipervantling, i sighed and leaned back against the headboard. I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my wet forehead trying to get my breathing under control.

I've been having these nightmare's since i was twelve and I'm eighteen now! It's pitched black and this thing with blood red eyes, green pupils and these white sharp fangs sticking out its mouth, (it was too dark to see any proper features) chasing me through a dead field.

This dream hasn't let me have one night of decent night's sleep. It always end's the same way with that thing on top of me, nearing in for the kill. My sister doesn't run to my aid anymore like she did for the first two months when this all started......i guess it's because she knows i only take it as a dream and nothing more.

I pulled the covers back and made my way to the bathroom. I stared at my reflation as my pale hand's rested on either side of the sink.

My shoulder, dirty brown length hair stuck to my sweaty neck. My almond shaped eyes had a coat of tiredness in the dark green colour of my eyes. My plump lips hovered with fear as always at the end of that dream.

I sniffed and walked over to the shower. My sister, Peni was over at work; she's twenty six and works two jobs. Tonight was her shift. Because of her shifts i never see her as much as a normal girl would see her sister, i envy those happy families that have never known the pain of loss of the one's they live with and are closes too.

My parents died separately. My dad died by being shot in the head after trying to help the shop keeper who was being robbed, i was only one so i really don't remember him. My mum committed suicide with a drug over dose, she couldn't take being without my dad any longer.

Fools for love, that's all i can say, who would die for love? I never could or never will. I was two when mum died so i don't remember her much either apart from the sweet sound of her voice when she sang me my layby. The only reason i know this is because my sister told me when she was old enough to look after me.

I think about them almost every day but i don't want to ask my sister anything, she think's because i don't remember i don't give a damn but hell i do! I guess i just don't want to bug, she has enough stress with me around, how much more do i want to load on her?

I stripped my clothes off and jumped into the shower feeling the hot, boiling water trickle down my skin; it never hurts me like it does other people. I stayed in the shower a bit longer before jumping out and wrapping myself in a towel.

I walked back over to my room and fell flat faced down on my bed. 5:30 in the blaming morning! I muffled an annoyed moan and lifted myself up facing the window opposite my bed with the green curtains open.

"There's no point in sleeping now, Brie." I whispered to myself. And yep my names Brie, Brie Clarkson. I was about to take my towel off when i noticed someone in the shadows leaning against the lamp post outside my window.

It was a guy, he was lean and defiantly had a six pack, no doubt about that. His light brown shaggy hair hung perfectly around his well sculptured face. i couldn't see the colour of his eyes but i saw his amazing pink plump lips, his pale skin and straight nose.

He wasn't hot.....he was SEXY! I knew i should look away but i was glued to his sexiness. Wait is he looking at my door? Before i had a chance to closely examine him he looked up at me and i quickly ducked by my bed. Shit! He saw me!

I crawled out of my room to my sister's study next door. I looked out the window.......and........he was gone! Out of sight! Boy he's fast.

I pulled on my black skinny jeans and my black tank top with red streaks streaming down it. I pulled on my nick trainers on and left a note for my sister explaining why i wasn't here when she gets back from her shift in half an hour.

I walked out clutching my red and blue shoulder back. I closed my eyes and smiled as the cold morning breeze hit against my skin. The hot and the cold never ever bothered me actually there more of my comforts in life.

My hair was blown back and i looked up at the sky. It was my favourite colour, that dozy bluely grey. Maybe because I've woken and walked it so many times before repeatedly.

I walked down the row of houses on either side looking down at the floor. I walked on the road but close to the pavement. No one ever drives at this time of day......well not here anyway. It's a quiet neighbourhood.

I was lost in my thoughts that i didn't hear this car racing down towards me. it honked and i lost balance out of fear, making me fall back scraping my hands and banging my head against the hard pavement.

"Watch it!" the driver called back out of his window. I slowly sat up, my heart racing. I placed my already bleeding hand behind my head and brought it back into view to see it fully covered with more of my blood.

I looked at my hand in horror; "Look out!" my head jerked to my left to see a boy on his bicycle inches from crashing me. "Ahhhhhhhh!" i screamed before falling back as my head got heaver and heaver.

I saw him swerve, but my eyelids got heaver and heaver after ever second past before i finally passed out.....the last thing i remember was these ocean blue eyes staring straight back into my drowsy green one's.


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