Chapter 8

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Dedicated to: Bleachforlife

(Hadley's Pov)

The next morning when I woke up, I sighed. I knew it was another day at Plague. I hated it. When I got up, I got dressed in:

I knew Aunt Alice hated it when I wore what I wanted and GOOD! Teach her for slapping me yesterday

I knew Aunt Alice hated it when I wore what I wanted and GOOD! Teach her for slapping me yesterday. When I got downstairs to eat breakfast, Aunt Alice screamed. Everyone looked at us. Mom and Dad were grinning.

"Hadley Cecelia Lillian Cullen, what on  earth are you wearing!?"

"Clothes Aunt Alice"

"Go change"

"Hmmm, nope. I'm wearing this. Thank you though."

I went to the kitchen where Jacob and Renesmee were at.

"Good morning"


I sat at the counter and started to eat breakfast.


When we left for plague, I was glaring out the window.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Friday"


"She's going to be bugging him all day"

"Just ignore her"

"Easy for you to say"

Dad chuckled and shook his head. When we reached plague I eyed it with distaste.


"It won't be so bad"

"Yes it will"

When we got out the cars, I went to Benjamin's side. He put his arm around my shoulders.

"Don't worry too much alright?"



I groaned and made a noise of disgust. Here we go. Give me strength to NOT strike her down with a lightening bolt. I saw the look dad gave me. Stupid mind reader.



She stopped in front of us.

"Hi Benjamin"


"So have you thought about it yet. Will you go out with me tonight?"

"No thank you. I'm completely happy with my girlfriend"

I gave her a smug grin before shoving by her and going to class. When Jacob, Renny, and Benjamin walked in, Renny was grinning widely. She high fived me.

"That was so funny"

"Thank you. I thought so as well"

She laughed.

"You hurt her shoulder"

I looked at Jacob.

"Good, she deserved it. Trying to get Benjamin to go out with her"

Benjamin got my hand and held it tightly.

"I'll always be yours and nobody else's"

I grinned and pecked his lips.

"Good because I'm not sharing you"

"Wouldn't have it any other way"

Renny and Jacob made noises of disgust. We looked at them.


"Do that when it's just you two."

I stuck my tongue out at her and she did it back. Before class started, Uncle Alec and Aunt Jane walked in.

"Alec, Jane!"

I ran to them and hugged them.

"You're here. Now I have more people to back me up."

They chuckled before I released them and going back to my seat. This day got a whole lot better. When they sat down near Benjamin and I, I whispered to them.


It was now lunch. The entire day was boring. Since Uncle Alec started, Natalie has been bugging him. It was starting to annoy him and Aunt Jane. I knew she was going to snap pretty soon. I had my phone ready. When she walked over again, Aunt clinched her jaw.

"Hi Alec"


"Would you like to go out tonight?"

"No thank you"

"Why not"

"I have plans tonight already."

"What's better than going out with me?"

"I'm spending time with my niece"

"Whose your niece"


She glared at me.

"How is she your niece!?"

"Her adoptive mother is mine and Jane's older sister. Now please leave us alone"

I started to record because Aunt Jane was about to lose it.


That's when Aunt Jane lost it.

"He said no! Get it through your head! He will never want to go out with you. Leave us alone or you'll regret it"

"You don't scare me"

Aunt Jane made her famous death glare.

"I can make you afraid, I can make you very afraid. Keep talking. I dare you"

Natalie paled slightly. She quickly walked away. I stopped recording and started to laugh. I high fived Aunt Jane.

"That was amazing! Priceless"

Everyone chuckled. My day was made now. I wonder what else is going to happen today. I hoped she'll get yelled at again. That was funny.

Hahahahahaha, the slut just got told by a girl shorter than her. It was so funny. I couldn't wait to tell grandma and grandpa.

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