But God

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I was going through my day, everything was flowing nicely.

And then the shadows came

They started creeping in slowly,

At first I didn't see.

They only stirred the waters,

Not fully touching me.

But as I went about my day, the waves-

they grew and grew.

The little bumps in my day

Threw me off my groove.

I was in my car


I was happy

so very glad.

Suddenly a shadow came over me

My joy

quickly turned to sad.

Past rejections


long forgotten shame-

They rose up to push me down



I was starting to drown.

I tried to rise above it

Emerge triumphant

The victor of my past

But the waves

They crashed and battered

Ripped open wounds of old,

And just as I was sinking

Two words crystal clear-

But God.

It's all that I could hear-

I couldn't think of scriptures just then

I was being ravaged by the war.

But God

Those words.

They pushed through the past,

Cut through the lies and fear.

But God.

I grabbed hold the rope that He cast out

And smiled as He drew me near.

But God has made all things new.

But God is in control.

The storms might come

My boat might rock

But God will see me through.

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