Into You ~ Part 7 {Jackson FF}

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"I'll be right back, Jaebum needs some advice." you said smiling and he nods.

You walked over to Jaebum and looked at him. "What's wrong?" was the first question Jaebum asked just by reading your face expression.


Jackson's Point of View

"So you and Y/N huh?" I said glancing at Mark trying to figure out what his intentions are with her and I could see a small smile form on his face.

"Jaebum is trying to hook me up with her and make me move on from Mia and I think it's actually working. Y/N is beautiful and I like talking to her." Mark says and I couldn't help but to roll my eyes. This guy sounds corny.

Luckily he didn't catch on.

"Well if I were you, I wouldn't get my hopes up with her." I said grabbing a red cup and pouring a drink onto my cup. I could feel Mark eyes glued to me and I knew I just capture Mark attention at this very moment and got home where I needed him.

"What to do you mean?" Mark asks looking at me and I tried to think of an excuse to get Mark away from Y/N and that's when it hits me. "Her and Jaebum clearly have something going on, can't you see," I said pointing at Y/N as she talks to Jaebum and I could see Mark smile disappear from his face.

"No, I asked him if they had anything going on and he told me no" Mark responds and I had to think quick.

"Well he's lying. Actually Y/N has been a with a lot of guys at this campus. She's well known if you know what I mean. I mean how else do you think I know her." I said smirking and taking a sip for my drink and bingo that's when I knew I finally gotten under Mark's skin.

I glanced at him and noticed him looking at her and looking down probably realizing that he now doesn't want anything to do with her.

Mission accomplished.

"Well I better go back to Bambam, If you need someone to hook up with and get your mind off of anyone, you know where to find me. I know plenty of girls." I said smirking and walking off to Bambam feeling accomplished with my mission for the night.


Your Point of View

"Jackson had to come and interrupt our conversation." You said annoyed glancing at Jackson and Mark talking. To be honest you were curious about what Jackson was possibly telling Mark but you brushed it off and looked at Jaebum. "You could've just ignored him" Jaebum suggests and you looked at him.

"I wish I could, but then Mark would think something is up." You said looking at your feet having absolutely no idea how to properly deal with this situation.

"Is there something going on between you two?" Jaebum asks and you looked at him and began to laugh. He has jokes.

"No are you crazy! We just don't get along. We dislike each other very much." You said and he smiles. "More like hate each other," he adds causing you to nod no denying the truth.

"Well you're in luck. I see Jackson finally walking away." Jaebum says motioning to their direction and I looked at Mark and smiles. Finally I can go talk to the boy.

"Thank god, wish me luck." You said and you walked back to Mark smiling.

As soon as you were in front of him you could see the way he avoided eye contact with you. Did you do something wrong? Or did Jackson possibly tell this boy something...

"I'm back," you said awkwardly and all he did was nod remaining still quiet.

"Are you okay?" You asked looking at Mark and again he just nods without saying anything else. One thing you absolutely hated was the silent treatment. You began to get annoyed and eventually you grabbed his arm and made him look at you.

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