Into You ~ Part 7 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



Jackson's Point of View

"This party is lit!" Bambam says dabbing. I looked over at him and laughed.

"And the girls in this party are hot as hell," I said looking at a group of girls who couldn't seem to take their eyes off of me.

"Time to get laid!" Bambam shouts and we both gave each other a high five knowing tonight could be another good night.

"Jaebum!" I shouted over the loud music as soon as I seen him approaching Bambam and I.

He walked over to us and we dabbed each other up."Where have you been?" Bambam asks practically shouting at Jaebum making sure he could hear him.

"I was hooking up Y/N and Mark up," Jaebum says causing me to look at him.


"Y/N is here?" I asked completely shocked.

"Yeah why?" Jaebum asked confused.

I didn't respond, instead I left them without saying anything else. I glanced at the table and found Y/N and Mark laughing and how close Y/N was to Mark....

Jealousy rushed through me...

What is wrong with me?


Your Point of view

"These classes have been killing me," Mark says as you stood next to him looking at the people dance out in the free. "Same! I just can't wait till I'm done with this place and finally get to travel the world." you agreed and you were slowly bringing the cup to your lips till..

"Is there somewhere specific you want to travel to?" Mark asks and you looked at him.

Just as you were about to respond you could hear someone clearing their throat causing Mark and you to look to your right and there Jackson was standing right there crossing his arm with a huge smile planted across his face.

"Just my luck," You mumbled low enough that no one heard but you.

"Hey Mark, surprised to see you here," Jackson says smiling.

For some reason his smile looked like he was up to something. "Surprised? You know I usually come to these events," Mark replied and you began to look around hoping Jackson doesn't say a word to you. Jackson hasn't spoken to you so you weren't going to speak to him but then again you never know what to expect from this damn boy.

"Ah sorry, Jackson meet Y/N. Y/N meet Jackson." Mark says introducing the two of you as if the two of you possibly had no idea who you were to each other.

"We've met," you said putting the fakest smile on and Jackson nods.

"We have," he says with a smirk and an awkward silence appears.

Can Jackson ruin this anymore!

You would glanced at Mark and you could tell he could feel the awkward tension. Ugh here comes Jackson to ruin the moment. You looked over at Jaebum and noticed he had his eyes glued to Mark and you. You tried to find away to let Jaebum know you needed help and he gave you a quick hand gesture to go to him and you nodded obeying his order. You looked at Mark and smiled.

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