Christmas Is Near

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The tree is up

The lights aglow,

There's cinnamon scenting the air

The children are waiting, you can feel the anticipation.

Christmas is almost here.

The movies have been seen

The carols all sung

The cocoa is hot tonight,

Four stockings have been hung with tenderness and care

Christmas is almost here.

There's a chill in the air,

Loved ones are near

And Christmas -just in sight.

We've wrapped the gifts,

Hid the receipts

The cards are in the mail-

Can you hear the angels sing?

Christmas is almost here.

The baby is no longer a baby

He came  for me and you.

You can look in the manger but you won't find him there.

Christmas is almost here.

Away in the manger we sing of his birth

King of Kings

Peace on Earth

Candles burn bright

We sing tonight

Christmas is almost here.

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