Chapter 16

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"I seriously enjoyed the face masks that we had on" Lauren laughed as she and Camila exited the place where they had spent a while just, relaxing.

"Yeah, it was nice... But my face got stuck and I couldn't eat the cookie that I got!" Camila exclaimed as she held Laurens hand as the older girl giggled. Camila stopped walking as she faced Lauren, just taking in all the beauty.


"Thank you, I love you so much, thank you for everything" Camila spoke as she gently kissed Lauren. The innocent kiss soon became fiery as Camila's hands wandered to Laurens breasts.

"Camz, stop" Lauren spoke as she pilled away from the kiss and saw Camila's looking disappointed. "Lets go home, then we can continue with this" Lauren smirked as Camila's eyes lit up.

The pregnant girl dragged Lauren by the hand and rushed them to the car in order to quickly get home and continue with what Camila intended.

"Drive!" Camila shouted as the two sat in the still car, she swung her head around to look at Lauren who was looking right at her.

"You're really demanding babe, damn" Lauren spoke with amusement.

"I haven't had sex since like, 9 months. I'm 7 months pregnant right now and I need sex!" Camila spoke, "I just want  my body to feel good" she softly spoke.

"Whats up Camz?" Lauren spoke knowing that her girlfriend was upset.

"I wish we had sex more often before you left, maybes then there'd be a possibility of you actually being the mother, you know? I never thought I'd say this but... I wish you had a weak pull out game" she spoke as Lauren cracked up laughing.

"Baby" Lauren gently said as she put her hand on Camila's knee, "I am the mother of our baby, the 'biological' shit doesn't matter, no one needs to know, I'm still gonna love our baby just as much as I would if I, you know 'helped' make it"


"Promise, now lets go home and do some online shopping for our baby's room, I hate how the room is just painted. I need to sort shit out as soon as possible!" Lauren said as she drove the car back to her house.

During the drive, Camila was giving Lauren a commentary on how much the baby was moving inside of her, Lauren just kept on giggling, she couldn't believe that her girlfriend and her were having a baby together, she planned for a life like this to happen, not specific things such as Camila going missing, and knowing the child isn't necessarily her child by birth, but still.

Lauren pulled into her house and saw that Ally's car was there. She helped Camila out of the car before the two entered the house and saw Normani, Ally, Dinah, Clara, Sinu, Sofia, Taylor, Kiana, Lucy, Rose and Rosie all in Laurens house.

"Surprise baby shower!" They all called out to which Camila squealed excitedly as she ran to Rose and Rosie, before her mother and sister, and then Laurens family, and then the best friends she was blessed with.

"Who planned this?" Lauren asked lookin around, before she shot a confused look as to who the two British people were but ignored it.

Everyone pointed at Ally.

"No, I mean we all helped out, I mean Dinah got in contact with you friends Camila, Lucy got in contact with Clara and Clara got in contact with Sinu,  they and your sisters helped with food, Mani and Kiana wrapped your gifts up" Ally gestured to Rose and Rosie who smiled at the younger girl, whilst Sofia ran to Camila and informed her there was presents for her.

"Presents?" Camila and Lauren asked at the same time, both full of gratitude for their friends.

All the women sat down in the living room as Lauren and Camila opened the gifts, there was some bottles, some mittens for the baby, a car seat, simple stuff like that.

After the presents were all unwrapped Kiana and Ally shared a look before Kiana spoke, "okay Camila and Lauren, your sisters and mothers have not seen the amazing job we done on painting the baby's room, can they see it?"

"Why? Its just been painted?" Lauren asked confused.

"Ally said that there is a certain correct way to paint, and I said that there isn't, anyway, your mothers should pick which wall is painted better, right?" Kiana lied as Ally took a  breath of relief that Kiana had an answer to Laurens question.

"Oooookay? Mom, Sinu, everyone... Lets judge two walls?" Lauren asked, not understanding why the hell she even agreed to this. Ally rushed upstairs first and into the room as all the girls giggled and entered the room, leaving Lauren and Camila last to enter.

Once they entered the room they were brung to tears.

The baby's room was fully decorated, with a baby's crib, a changing station, a rocking chair, and everything else.

Lauren and Camila were too taken in by everything that Normani had to point out that the blanket in the baby's bed was embroidered​ with 'Baby Cabello-Jauregui'

As soon as both girls saw it, they broke down in tears even more. They really had amazing support for them, and they just cannot believe how blessed they are.

"Guys, thank you so fu-forever!" Lauren spoke as she spoke a different word rather than cursing in front of Camila's younger sister.

"We love you" Camila cried out loud in tears of happiness as everyone joined a group embrace.

"Anyways, Walz is emotional as fuhhhh, so I think we should all leave Lauren to handle the emotional mess that is Camila" Dinah teased as she kissed Camila on the cheek before sticking her tongue out at her. Everyone agreed and soon Clara and Taylor were in one car, Sinu and Sofia in another as they both drove back into their home, Lucy's boyfriend drove her home, whilst Rose and Rosie were getting an uber to their hotel.

"Kiana, I could drive you home if you wanted, I'm already taking Norminah to Mani's house" Ally offered.

"Why not take them home, and we can go to this Waffle House that you wouldn't shut up about when we were painting the walls?" Kiana suggested as Ally eagerly nodded her head and agreed.

Lauren and Camila however still stood in the baby's bedroom.

They both spoke at the same time, "we have some really good fucking friends" and giggled once they realised they said the same thing.

"Lets get my princess to sleep, I would say we have a busy day, but I don't think we do, our families and friends have covered what I intended on doing" Lauren spoke as she helped Camila get undressed and into the bed, Lauren turned the light off and followed in after.

"I think all that is left is for us to buy baby clothes" Camila giggled into Laurens neck as she snuggled into her girlfriend.

"Goodnight Camz, I love you, and goodnight baby girl who mammy thinks will be a boy, I love you too"

"Goodnight Lolo" Camila yawned as sleep overtook the two women.

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