Chapter 6

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I finally wiped the last of my tears and sniffled the snot that was running down my nose when I heard a knock on the outside bathroom door, 2 seconds later it opened.

"Reighleen? Are you okay?" I surprisingly heard a male voice...with a British accent.

"Nathan?" I asked really surprised he was in the girls bathroom...on his first day at this school. I opened the stall door just a crack and peeked out.

"I was getting worried when you didn't come out, and you didn't look very well on our way over here" he worriedly said stepping further into the bathroom towards me.

I started getting all choked up again, wondering how and why all of a sudden this guy, this really cute guy I've only known for less than an hour, is honestly worried about me; enough to be inside of a girls bathroom.And he just had to see one of those tears, glide down my cheek.

"Would you let me give you a hug?" he asked, giving a hopeful smile.

I stepped out of the stall and slowly walked towards him, biting my lip and blushing wildly. I've only hugged two guys in my life time, so this was like a monumental thing for me. I was close enough for him to wrap his arms around me tightly and pulled me closer to him. I quietly inhaled his scent, and he smelled like really good cologne-exactly as I expected, not that Axe stuff that every other guy i know uses.

"Are you feeling a little better?" he asked about a minute later, into my hair slowly letting go, "and I'm sorry if that was...awkward or weird for you. Hugging is my go-to plan for pretty much anything..."

"Not at all. Thank you I really needed that, I haven't realized that until now...I might need one again later..." I said quietly, somewhat joking with the last part. I combed my hands through my hair so it could look somewhat decent. "We better get to class," I quickly said, not giving him time to respond.

So we silently walked to class, him occasionally glancing at me and giving me a small smile. We finally made it to class where everyone was talking and ignoring the teachers' pleas to be quiet and to pay attention.

We made it through the day smoothly, no one said anything or tried to start any drama after 1st period. Astonishingly enough Nathan and I had every class with each other. The final bell ring and we both got up and left out of the main door.

"Do you live near here?" he asked looking around while we sat down on the schools front grassy area.

"Ummm, close enough to walk I guess, what about you?" I responded, picking blades of grass and tearing them up.

"Same. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk here" he said pointing down towards the street I'm guessing he walks down which happens to be the same street I walk down as well.

"Haha me too, well more like 15 minutes for me," I said glancing at his watch noticing it had Gir on it! aww! "I love Gir!" I accidentally blurted out loud.

He looks confused for a second but then looked down at his watch, "me too" he grinned.

I looked at it again and realized that I should have been home 3 minutes ago.

"Sh*t!" I muttered and grabbed my things and started off towards my house, "Oh! It was nice meeting you today, I'll see you tomorrow?" I hopefully said and started to jog to my house, my broken arm already starting to hurt from the jostling of the almost sprint to home.

I made it home 5 minutes later praying to God she's passed out on the floor and has been that way for about an hour. But, since I'm that rare type of person I spoke about earlier, she was standing outside of the door. You could practically see the steam coming out of her ears.

"I'm sorry I'm late! I had to stay after school to help one of my teachers wi-"

"I DON'T NEED YOUR GOD DAMN EXCUSES!" she yelled then stumbled down the stairs towards me. I cowered away from her as she got closer. She grabbed my arm roughly making me drop all my books then yanked me towards the house.

"I'm sorry! This will be the last time! I promise! I'll never ever be late again!!!" I pleaded hating the tears that were starting to from. As we got through the front door I glanced back to the front yard, not wanting to leave my poor books out there, but when I started to glance away, I saw Danny's face. Filled with horror and shock. But then the door was closed and locked, giving me no choice but to return to hell.

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