You Don't Have to Say It

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As she lay on her bed in her empty cabin, Annabeth thought of many things. But there was one single thing that kept surfacing, standing above the rest. It was those green eyes, that goofy smile, the ruffle black hair. It was the strong arms she wished to be held in. It was the stupidity, the one that annoys her because she knows he can be smart when he needs to be. It was Percy, her best friend. She longed to tell him of her feelings, but never quite knew how.

Here she lay, on her bed again, while everyone else was at capture the flag and the campfire. She thought again about how Percy makes her feel special. if only- Her thoughts were interrupted by the muscular body that belonged to only one demigod bursting through the door. "Annabeth, there you are! I was worried about you!" Worried about me? Annabeth thought.

"Yeah, i'm here. Can we go somewhere alone? I have to to talk to you."

"Uh, yeah, sure. I can make a bubble in the canoe lake."

They walked to the lake, and went in. Percy kept them both dry, and he made a bubble they sat in. There was awkward silence for a moment. "Percy, i've wanted to say this for so long, but I never got a chance, and I honestly don't know if-" His lips pressed against hers, stopping her nervous rant. Her surprise was still evident when he pulled away. She could not speak. He cupped Annabeth's cheek with his hand.

"You don't have to say it. I love you, wise girl. I may be a seaweed brain, but I see the way you smile near me, I see your happiness. Kissing you was a mix of excitement, nervousness, and extreme happiness. I want you to be mine." They kissed again, and then just sat together, happy to know that the other cares deeply for them.

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