Chapter 7

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"I guess you can say good-bye to that knife," remarked Lady Brenda, as they watched Borders walk away in another direction.

"Why didn't you just let them kill him?" she asked.

"I'm reserving that pleasure for myself," replied Jeopardy. "He killed Matthew and he has to pay for it. He has to pay me. No one is going to steal that from me."

She pursed her lips, her feelings of vengeance cascading over her.

Lady Brenda took a deep breath and let it out.

"I know I promised to back you on this vendetta, but there seems to be more going on than we know. Borders was going on a cruise, and it seemed simple enough to toss him overboard. But now, this, two men trying to kill him, this is more than we bargained for," said Lady Brenda.

"Let's just get back to the tour group," said Jeopardy.

"What about his partner?" nagged Lady Brenda? "We don't want him anywhere near Borders when we get a chance - he's just as dangerous."

"They are not always together, his partner likes to visit the bars," said Jeopardy, as she hurried ahead. "We'll get our chance."

Ignoring any further observation of Borders, they hastily made their way to a side street and blended in with the locals, gradually making their way back to their group.

Hill had seen the two women on the bus and wrote them off as two silly older girls, their first time away from home. The action behind the Roman wall had cast them in a whole different light. Throwing knives, can you imagine? Their identity puzzled him. They had saved Borders's life, so they must be friendlies, presumably known to him. He would wait for the right moment to ask him about their identity.

Observing his partner dropping the knife into the well, Hill wondered if he had made a wish. The two women disappeared down a side street. Borders didn't notice them as he stepped away from the well, taking his turn in the maze of tiny streets. Hill followed Borders through the alleys, dodging between bicycles and motorbikes, although he didn't expect any further attempt on his partner's life. It would take time for 'Enigma' to find out the latest attempt had failed and send someone else. What had Borders thought of this near-death experience, was it just a consequence of shadowing a potential terrorist? At least this would force him to be more careful.

He remained out of sight as he followed until both of them had made their way back to the tourist group. He wasn't surprised to see the two women acting as if nothing had happened, busily chatting with other tourists. They never even glanced in his direction, answering his fear that they had seen him. He saw Borders's hands balled into fists, trying hard not to show pain from fingers close to being cut off and wondered how he would explain it. He certainly couldn't ask about it. He wondered if Borders would tell him the whole story.

Borders found his way back to the outdoor market and the group, trying his best to conceal his bloodied hands. Kleenex clenched in his fists stopped the flow of blood, but the sting was still there. It was obvious the terrorists were aware of his involvement. He noticed that not all of the members of the group had returned, but a white hat did attract his attention. As he walked closer, Panama glanced in his direction, his clenched teeth a thin chain across his face. He looked away as if he weren't there. Lady Brenda and Jeopardy gave him no notice. He contemplated asking them if they had lost anything valuable, but checked his tongue.

Now, late in the afternoon, only a few stands remained open, small tables with only a few products to offer, men trying to pull in a last euro. Most of the small white vans had already departed, the street emptied after the hustle and bustle. A belt vendor, one of the few remaining sellers, displayed belts on numerous tables. He was a well-built man, with dark hair and eyes that were also dark and he hadn't even begun to pack up his merchandise. Borders wondered why he was waiting.

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