Chapter 15

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School is about to start but our little tuna fish is still sleeping together with his lover.
"Nnn... Darling..  Wake up,  you'll be late for school" Tsuna said sleepily towards his lover the one and only Hibari Kyoya..

"Shut up usagi..  And go back to sleep" Kyoya said in his morning voice,  "Kyo~ya if you won't wake up I won't be giving you kisses " Tsuna said pouting and that fully waken Hibari up.  Tuna fish smiled and slip out of bed to do his morning routines while Hibari is just laying on Tsuna's bed in the very first time of his life feeling lazy to move.  Once his lover was done cleaning himself up,  Hibari got up and unconsciously drag himself up towards the bathroom.

Tsuna only chuckled silently,  he was about to leave his room when he heard the oh so familiar sound of a hammer slamming in someones face..  He only smirked in victory imagining the good ol' times on his real world together with the real reborn.  "Good ol' times...  I wonder if I find them all and I'll be Reborn's second in command on their training.. " he thought.

"HIIIEEEEE!  THAT HURT YIU STUPID BABY! " Yoshiro yelled towards the sadistic baby who is currently holding a Leon machine gun plus a murderous aura around him,  "get up baka-hiro" he said in a manacing tone.  "HIIIIEEEE!! " that's all Tsuna could here upstairs while he's helping his mother to cook while hibari is helping Nana-san as well...  "Ara~ so lively in the rraly morning,  isn't that right Tsu-kun~?" Nana-san said smiling and dense as always Tsuna only sweat drop at his mother's being oblivious .

So he only let out a nervous laugh and agreed and that's when they heard a loud crash falling down from the stairs and Tsuna ask Hibari to check is out,  so without arguing towards his lover , Hibari went to checked it out only revealing Yoshiro all wrecked,  he only smirk at looked up to see reborn looking pissed.

"Is there a problem Darling~" Tsuna ask cutely,  "hn" (nothing's wrong)  that's his only response to his lover "oh , okay~ Cab you help me reach this Darling? " Tsuna called out who couldn't resist his cuteness.

While they we're cooking Hiro is still laying on the floor passed out,  so once the breakfast is already served Tsuna called out his oh-so-adorable-asshole-of-a-brother of his to eat before he could climb the stairs he 'accidentally ' stepped on his brother "oh my~ I didn't SEE you there" he said in a sadistic tone "Re-chan it would be an honor if you would wake your DEAR student up" he said using the same voice.

For the very first time in his hit man life Reborn felt shivers crawled down his baby spine..

So he transformed Leon to a hammer and smashed it on his younger twins head, "OOOUCH! " He yelled in pain, "wakey wakey!  Lovable -idiotic-slutty-abusive-ugly brother oh mine! "Tsuna yelled but the response that he had gotten was only a glare so Tsuna got an amazing plan he went near Reborn and whispered on his ears " hey..   Re-chan~ mind helping me?  I want you to use that hammer of yours and hit me" Reborn was shock at first and when he was about to ask he saw the sadistic glint on Tsuna's eyes so without a second thought he hit Tsuna on the head,  Hiro was also shock and happy at the same time so that's when the plan begins  ...

"Uwaaaahh~" Tsuna cried out loud and within a second Hibau and Nana are already besides him "Tsu-kun!  What happened?! " Nana-san ask looking at his eldest son in concern so is Hibari,  "H-Hiro h-hit me o-on the h-head and t-tried to push me w-when I t-tried to wake h-him u-up...  Waaaaahh~!" Tsuna cried and Hiro once again was shock,  nervous and scared by the aura and face that Hibari and his mother is giving..

"Herbivore..  I'll bite you to death! " Hibari said in a menacing tone while his mother is already holding a frying pan smiling scarily at him..



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