2nd Florence Reading Part 60

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" Of course dear. We are having our first legal heir. Aren't you excited?" She smirked at him while she announced that.

But I know Rupert and she is not going to like what is about to happen. I watched as Rupert stood there looking down at her with his hands on his hips. Then he turned and walked to the door and with one hand resting on the doorway, he yelled down for Jenkins, his man of means who looks after all of Rupert's domestic affairs.

A moment later, Jenkins, whose name was Grant. Came up the stairs right quickly as if he knew he would be called. He had a ledger in his hands. The ledger that was to do with the employees that were hired to care for certain domestic tasks.

" Sir, you called." He said as he approached Rupert who waved him into the room.

Rupert turned to the two maids that came with Agnes.

" Who is the father of her child?" Rupert asked them both so suddenly they got all a flustered as they ummed and arrhed as they looked around at everyone and especially looked at Agnes.

" Umm, you are sir." Said the bravest looking one of them which had Agnes smirking at Rupert. Rupert then looked at Jenkins who opened the book in his hands.

" Your name?" Jenkins then asked the maid in question who answered.

" Bertha Coyte." The maid answered as she moved a little closer to Agnes who was still smiling.

" Gerald Coyte and his daughter Bertha were employed to oversee the gardens and assist in the kitchen in the house in San Diego. Reports are that Gerald is a good worker despite having to occasionally sort a problem that his daughter, Bertha causes with some of the male employees." Jenkins was reporting to Rupert.

" Oh yes. I know him now. There are a few others in the family aren't there?" Rupert turned to look at Jenkins who just nodded at him.

" Yes, Sir. there is. Three other children and an ailing mother. They have a cottage on the grounds included in the terms of employment." Jenkins said as he then looked up and waited for his next instructions on what to do.

" Then let me ask again, young ladies. Who is the father of Agnes's child?" Rupert asked them both again in a very quiet voice. The kind of voice that we all know is like a volcano when it's about to erupt.

A slight movement from the younger maid swiftly brought everyone's attention to her which caused her to get all flustered looking. There was also a panicked look on her face as if she knew something bad was going to happen if she didn't speak up.

" Umm. Sir. Can I speak please." She suddenly said as she moved from foot to foot as she also wrung her hands together.

" You do not have to speak Alice about anything." The maid Bertha had said all of a sudden which caused a frightened look to come across Alice's face for a moment which made me wonder what these other two were holding against her.

" Flo, if you would be so kind to escort Alice from the room please. I'll be with you in a moment." Rupert gently went on to say to me with a smile.

I then quickly walked across to the young and frightened maid who looked very terrified and took her by the arm and gently pulled her from the room and down the hall and into another receiving room that was here up stairs for moments like these.. sort of. Then I walked the lass across the room and turning the frightened girl around and gently pushed her down onto a chair where I stepped back a little and just waited.

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