2nd Florence Reading Part 60

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" All right then. Let's see what else Florence is going to tell us. Now, before we start, I have to tell you that I skimmed through quite alot of what she wrote in this diary, especially when she was pissed at either Rupert and at Agnes who liked to make everyone's lives miserable. I reread some pages to make sure there wasn't anything that was implied and so I will start the reading a few months down the track when things happen to cause Florence more upset." Barb was then saying to us as she got herself comfortable with the calico wrapped book on her lap.

" But there might have been something there that you may not have known or understood about." Cole, one of Micah's son called out to her. 

" The pages I didn't include have already been photographed and printed out for your enjoyment which Jaxon has in that folder, so don't panic." Barb said to him with a smirk as if she knew that someone would have asked that very question.

" So that's what you and Jaxon were doing in the office earlier today?" Robbie asked her with a smile, one she returned with a slight nod.

" Now, if we can start." Barb said as she began to unwrap the diary from the cloth and slowly open it to get to a page she was wanting.

Dated 5th April 1935

I am so not comfortable lately with this baby pressing so hard under my ribs. The way it moves within my womb makes me think it's another boy. The fierce kicks and sudden hard jabs. They felt the same way they did when it was little Bobby who was slumbering inside me, when he wasn't playing games that is. 

Although Rupert said he would still be happy with a little girl should we have one. I don't care either way. Any child we have was the result of the love that Rupert and I have for each other. A love that causes Agnes great anger.

She said on one of her visits back here to see her family that I ruined her life. I can't see how when she ruined mine by taking my husband from me. But I asked her how that was going? She just brushed pass me in one of those hissy fits that she has more often than not.

A few days ago, the housekeeper reported to me that Agnes was ill and needed a doctor. So we called for one when I found that the silly girl was indeed ill. The reason for the illness did surprise me. Especially when she tried to blame Rupert for her 'indisposition' which had me gunning for him the moment she smirked at me over it.

So I raced down the stairs as quick as I could to go and call him. The last few steps I slipped and landed a little uncomfortably worried about the baby as I sat there for a moment. A moment which had Rupert open the front door and walk in and upon seeing me there on the floor like I was, he quickly dropped his bag and rushed to my assistance.

When I told him the reason for my rushing down the stairs, he was quick to gently push me aside and race up the stairs three at a time. A moment later, after I slowly and carefully made my way back up those damn stairs, I could hear Rupert yelling at Agnes. It was horrible to hear it coming from him. At least not like this.

He demanded to know who got her pregnant since he has never touched her. Not once. She sat there gloating in her bed as Rupert ranted and raved at her while the doctor was still standing there looking on with a disturbed look on his face.

The housekeeper and a couple of her maids which she brought with her were standing on the opposite side of the room away from the line of fire. Not that it wouldn't have saved them once Rupert was upset.

" So you are sticking to this story are you?" Rupert demanded of Agnes who was still looking all calm with this satisfied look on her face.

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