2nd Florence Reading Part 60

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2nd January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

"The other diaries? I wonder if they were ever recovered?" Julliane had said as she finished her second cup of coffee before standing up and begin clearing the table again.

" I have no idea. At least we know who she really was. Florence Chesterfield Joifield. What a name to carry. It's going to be interesting to find out any information about her and her family, the Chesterfields. We can get Dorn's lads on to it later after we hopefully hear a little more if Barb is still up to reading a little more for us tonight." John was saying as we all looked across at Barb.

" I think I can mange that." Barb said to him with a smile. 

" Only as long as you're up to it. If you get tired, that's it." Jaxon went on to say which told us all just how protective he now was of her. His new wife.

I still can't believe we were both married at the same time in the same place with the same guests around us. With The Judge, a well known and respected Federal judge to officiate both ceremonies with Bertie Pipps, a somewhat local celebrity as her assistant.

" You know, there was something that Florence said which resonates with me and I would imagine that it would resonate with you other Joifield's here at the moment. She said.. 'He was my soulmate. My forever love until I take my last breath.' which is something that we feel for our other half when we come across them. She didn't mean that it was Rupert who was the one who considered them to be soulmates at the first sighting. It was all Florence. It made me think that the feelings we get when we meet out soulmates may have come through her line and not Rupert's as we all thought." Joy was saying which had us all thinking. 

" We may as well admit that we all got our natural tanned color from her too. I always wondered about that. She was a good looking woman and it looks like we got some of that good looks too." Jullianne was saying with a smirk which had others nodding with her and agreeing.

" Then any further reference to her 'soulmate' should be noted. I'm just trying to imagine how she felt with having another woman take her husbands name along with the man as well. Agnes sure did get the short end of the stick didn't she, when she went after Rupert who was already clearly a married family man?" John also added to the conversation as everyone was getting ready for another reading with Barb.

" Most of the younger ones have gone off to bed, so it's more or less us older ones who are still up. So why ot take this now to the family room and we can all get comfortable while listening to this next bit of her diary." Joy went on to say which had Teddy pipe up to say something at that time.

" Well, you youngen's can do that. My lovely other half and myself will be taking ourselves off to bed where we should have been a couple of hours ago. You can let us know if anything important comes to light tomorrow. So goodnight everyone." He said which Donna echoed which had everyone jump up and near the oldest couple for much hugs and kisses. 

" I'm going to join them too. So goodnight all." Aunt Patrice said as she too got herself up and after another round of hugs and kisses from all of us, the older ones left the room leaving the rest of us to settle down for the next bit of reading.

It took a few minutes to get everyone comfortably settled with Reid and myself among the youngest ones now in the room since Jack and Jen took themselves and their little family off to bed after the first reading. So we were among a few others who were lounging around on the floor. 

Or more like Reid was lounging and I was half sitting on him after he dragged me closer to him to rest on so my back or hips would suffer too much.

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