When I had managed to get back to my house i realized that I had left my car back at the school.

Letting out a frustrated sigh I trudged my way up the stairs to my room, not bothering to get anything to eat.

After that little encounter with Erik and Adrian I wasn't exactly feeling all that hungry.

I pulled my clothes off tossing them into the hamper beside my closet doors. It was almost 8 o'clock at night and the sun outside was just beginning its descent, slowly turning the skies different hues of pink and orange.

I glanced over at the pile of text books on my desk just waiting for me to get started on them but I couldn't even think straight just pulling on my pajamas. There was no way that i was going to be able to concentrate answering questions.

I pulled on my girl boxers before pulling my hair out of its ponytail letting it cascade down my neck before I shut the light off.

Casting my room into dark shadows. I made my way to the bed making sure not to stub my toe on anything before I climbed under the covers, hugging one of my pillows to my chest.

There was something definietly different about the two brothers. Their eyes, those bright blue orbs seemed to burn with a history and age that their bodies did not convey.

And the way they acted earlier, as if they knew her from long ago, perhaps another life time, creeped her out to no end. But still there was something about them that just made her feel...alive, in more ways than she cared to admit.

Letting out a deep breath Mina forced her eyes closed and tried to sleep, hoping that she didn't dream of Adrian or Erik again. 

********Mina's Dream************

I felt fear pounding through my chest as I ran. To the human eye, I would have appeared as nothing more than a blur, moving too fast to be picked up with their low eyesight. But despite being the fastest creature alive I knew that there was something else that could outrun even me.

I didn't care if he chased me off a cliff, as long as Adrian and Erik were safe, I really didn't care what happened to me. The faint sounds of twigs snapping behind me had me pushing myself faster. I could almost feel his breath on my neck he was so close.

Shadowers. That's what they were called. They were neither human nor vampire. They were something in between, something...unnatural. To survive they need to drink blood. Human blood sufficed well enough but vampire blood gave them enhanced abilities. Once they tasted our blood, they would always crave and desire it. There was something in it that just drove them wild whenever they were near it.

And the older the vampire the more enhanced their powers grew. "MINA!" I heard Erik and Adrian’s joined voices. The sound echoing off the trees around me. NO! my mind screamed mentally. They were supposed to be far away. They were supposed to be safe.

Their voices were so unexpected that I stumbled mid run, my foot catching onto the edge of an uprooted tree. I crashed into the ground, my hands and knees scraping against the uneven ground covered with tiny rocks and twigs. I grunted in pain when I felt warm liquid seep down my chin from where I had bit my lip.

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