Chapter Twenty-One» One Day,

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Warm. Everything around me was warm. Like a flicker of lava swimming down my back. Heat invaded my very body; as I shifted forward. Allowing the water to fall on my exposed skin. Washing away all horrors. All nightmares. Leaving me vulnerable and defenseless.

Closing my eyes tightly. The scene played again and again in my mind. Mocking me, laughing at my weakness. Inhaling sharply, my hands landed against the caramel Brown bathroom tiles, itching for a different contact. For a difference, anything that will wash away the horrors.

I shouldn't have gone. Why did I go with him? I whispered feeling warm tears run on to my skin, washing away with the hundreds of droplets. Raising my hand forward. I pulled against the handle, stopping the water.

The harsh contact, of water slapping against the floor immediately stopped. All around me silence consumed me. An eerie deafening silence filling my ears. Allowing my demons to come out and play. Allowing them to weaken me, to mock me.

Reaching towards the large towel, I wrapped the wet of my hair against it; before putting on the long cream gown. Feeling it make contact against my skin, making the hair at the back of my neck rise. Pushing the bathroom door open, the steam engulfed the large bedroom, spreading  throughout. Like those of a cursed fog, entering from each corner. Spreading the news of misery.

A cold shudder ran down my spine as I sat against the soft mattress, feeling my hands remove the large towel. Giving access to my wet  hair, as it cascaded down my back. The wetness slapping against the flimsy material.

Silence consumed me. Caging me in. All I could do was stare ahead, at the large balcony seeing the trees sway against unknown melodic tunes.

The house was lonely; as always. Making me miss the chattering and lively talks back at home. I missed London as well, very dearly.

It had been years since I smelled the fresh air, since I walked through Central Park. I missed it with all my heart, yet. Uncertainty filled me, will I ever go back home. To London? Or will I forever stay here, in Kuwait.

" Aazeen?" came a deep voice behind me, making me turn around. Feeling my eyes land on the large male. His once formal attire had been swapped for a whits top and grey jeans, allowing his bulging muscle to be out on display.

" Come downstairs. I've ordered takeaway should be here now" he spoke, yet his tone had a faraway edge to it. As though some thing about him had changed. Looking up, I could feel his dark eyes trained on me, the hard of his jaw tightened slightly,  at our eye contact. Nodding my head, I ignored the heated look as I made my way towards the wardrobe and grabbed an Abbaya. A traditional arab attire.

Turning around I could see Ammar walk out of the room, allowing me to place it on and follow after him. I didn't know when I had become this comfortable around him. Yet, as I reached the large front room. I couldn't help but feel self conscious under his burning gaze.

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