Chapter 26: Univited house guests

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Hey guys! Sorry it took a little longer than normal but I made it a bit longer for you all! :) Pic on the side is for a new story that I'm excited to write on as soon as i'm done with this story! It will be a humor romance story since I love to write those so much! But I hope the pick gives you an idea of what it's about ;)

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“I love you. Both of you.” I turned to look at dad as well. He nodded and hugged me as well. Once the goodbye’s were done, Caroline, Keagan, and I piled in and set off to drop off Caroline for a few hours as Keagan helped me move in. Caroline was overly happy that I was having a ‘sleepover’ .







Chapter 26:



Lexi’s POV:



After we dropped off Linny at Mary’s (I didn’t get out of the car because Keagan and I didn’t want another fight), we headed over to his place. I felt nerves bubble up inside me. What kind of girl was I to be moving in with a guy with just going out with him for two months?



Shaking those thoughts away I gazed at him from my side view. He had a small smile on his face and his thumb was tracing circles into my palm. Without consent a smile made it’s way onto my face just by seeing him happy. I squeezed his hand affectionately, making him turn to look at me,



“This is going to be a good thing. I can feel it.” He reassured me. I lent over, straining my seatbelt to kiss his cheek. He grinned from that and continued to drive to his place. He told me it was nothing grand, but it would fit us all comfortably.



Soon, he pulled into a rather large apartment complex that looked very cute and sweet. Perfect place for little children to live with a park right across the street. I wonder if that’s what sold him, since I knew above anything he’d make sure Caroline was comfortable.



“I know it might be an adjustment to not having your own house but-” I cut him off,



“I love it. It’s very cute!” I smiled at him. He looked relieved once he saw I wasn’t lying. He turned off the car and walked me up to his apartment door. He blew out a big breath and unlocked the door before pulling me gently inside.

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