1: Mean

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Ella Pearson's Pov

Waking up with a loud bang on my bedroom door was not how I want my morning to start but I couldn't do anything about it because my evil cousin does not care about it.

I groaned rolling off my my bed and walked towards the door to open it. "What do you want?" I said opening the door and yawned sleepily.

"I want you to make my breakfast." Alexis said standing at the other side of the door, her hands on her hips and looking as perfect as she always looked, with her fashionable clothes and designer bag.

The price of that bag could last me a couple years.

"But I thought my mum is making break fast for you." I asked confused.

She looked at me from head to toe and gave me a disgusted look. "Yes, but she is busy doing my mother's work and I want you to make my breakfast." She narrowed her eyes at me in a challenging way.

I knew she was trying to rile me up but I was used to it, used to her trying to always bring me down.

I smiled tightly." Sure, I would be there." I gritted the words out and she smiled smugly at me.

"Be there soon." She said in her bitchy tone and turned around swiftly, her hair slapping my face lightly. I closed my eyes and counted to ten to calm myself before I lose all my self control and charge at her like an angry bull.

I shut the door and stalked towards my bathroom to do my morning rituals. I dressed up in a simple black T-shirt, ripped jeans and black vans.

I grabbed my backpack to directly head out for school as soon I was done making breakfast for that evil witch daughter.

Because of Alexis, I don't even need an alarm clock for she was always there to wake me up every morning with a list of things she wants me to do.

I walked out of a simple cottage which was a home to me and my mother. It was at the backyard of the a huge mansion which belonged to the evil witch herself, Giselle Kinston.

I walked in the mansion from the back door that leads to the kitchen. I saw a few maids working and I got to work that was to make breakfast for Alexis.

"Ella?" I turned around to see my mother walking into the kitchen. "What are you doing here?" She asked me, her eyes trailing to my hands that was making coffee for Alexis.

I smiled at her and shrugged nonchalantly. She sighed heavily and snatched the coffee cup from my hand. "You don't have to do this. I will do it." Mum said trying to take my place.

I took the cup out of her hand and shook my head. "It's okay mum, I'll do it."

"You don't hav-"

"MARIA." I heard the evil witch aka Giselle yell out my mum's name. "Where is my fruit juice?" Her voice was a high pitch scream that would make the dog run away to miles if we had one.

Thank god, we don't have a dog or else her voice would be a torture to that poor creature.

"Mum, it's okay." I smiled at her reassuringly.

She looked at me with sad eyes and gave me apologetic smile. She walked towards the other side of the counter and got to her work to make Giselle her fruit juice.


"Why do you look so down?" Sam aka Samantha Water aka my best friend asked me as soon as we stepped into our school building.

"You know how my every morning starts." I rolled my eyes at her stupid question.

"What did that old hag and plastic do now?" Sam asked angrily.

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