Inspired Song: With Arms Wide Open by: Creed----->

Let me explain the whole PART ONE thing. I am going to use this song twice, and it wont be for the next chapter but one much really goes great with this whole situation.

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Chapter Twenty Six- With Arms Wide Open (Part One)

I dropped the stick as if it had stung my hand. It clattered to the floor as I backed up to the wall staring at my whitening face in the parallel mirror.

The alarm on my phone startled me as it rung loud, echoing off the small walls. I turned it off and grabbed the second stick, it's always good to check...just to make sure. My gathering hopes died again when I received the same results.

I stumbled my way out of the bathroom in a woozy state, trying to get away from the evidence. Without my knowing it I ended up in the kitchen that was dark as the sun started setting outside.

This cannot be happening. We have only been married barely even a month. I'm twenty four, I'm too young for this.

Tears started to form in my eyes, clouding my already impaired vision, and as I reached up to wipe them away the bloody glasses got in the way, and I snapped.

Anger fueled my motion as I ripped the glasses away from my face and over exaggeratedly threw them across the room. They slammed into the wall and fell to the floor shattering the frames.

A new round of tears filled my eyes as I knew that I would regret doing that later, when sense came back to me.

I grabbed my phone off the counter and was about to press send, to call Tom, but I hesitated. What is he going to say? How is he going to feel about this? This is ruining everything! I hiccupped and decided that I needed him home now.

I called him and dragged my feet across the floor and sat on the stairs trying to calm my voice and stop my tears from falling.

He picked up on the third ring. "Hey Cas I said in an hour-"

"Come home" I plead, my voice coming out as shaky as ever.

"What? Cassie I -"

"Tom" I practically moaned, "Please I need you home now"

It took a moment for him to respond "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" his voice was growing frantic and meshing his words together.

"Practically" I breathed and started sobbing.

"Okay, okay" He soothed "I'm on my way"

I turned my phone off at his confirmation. It slipped through my fingers and landed with a thus on the step.

Fully fledged racking sobs broke out through my chest. I can't do this. I can't. I can't be a mother. I wouldn't know how to be a mother, I never had an example. I can't raise a kid on my own...Tom will be gone and I'll have to- No! I just can't do this. Not right now, when everything was getting all settled. We were going to move to New York! We were going to start a new life.

He is going to hate me. How could this have happened? I mean I took sex education and all that but this kind of stuff happens to other people, idiotic people.

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