Chapter 32 - Help Me

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Third Person's POV

Luke is now well, and its all because of Calum. But he doesn't know why calum has been going home so late. like last night, he got home at 10:30 and Luke is starving because he doesn't want to eat alone. Calum is smiling like crazy, another bouquet of red and pink roses in his hands. they ate dinner together but calum is texting someone on his phone so he wasn't able to eat properly.

luke heard a loud honk outside and he was actually startled for a second but thinking it was from his neighbor, he ignored it and continued brewing his coffee. he then heard feet running and loud patters of it in the stairs. he looked behind his back and saw calum rushing. calum grabbed a toast before saying goodbye and running outside.

luke quickly followed and looked at calum from the window, hiding behind the curtains. A guy opened the car door for him and smiled before closing it and rushing back to the driver's seat. luke watched as the convertible bentley continental gt, boost off the streets to calum's school.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows and sat down the couch, thinking, who might be that guy who picked calum up. Donovan.

'Why would Donovan pick calum up?'

because they're together again.

'shut up brain, just shut up.' luke talked to himself but was immediately snapped out of his thoughts by the beeping of the coffee machine.

once luke is done eating his shitty breakfast, he cleaned up. he was walking towards his room when he saw calum's room opened. he walked towards the door and was about to closed it when he saw calum's notebook opened. his journal.

luke doesn't know why he's walking towards it and sitting on the bed where it is opened. he knows he is invading calum's privacy, and calum treasures that notebook, but he just needs to know what is happening.

luke flipped it to the latest used page.

'Giving someone a second chance is like giving them another bullet to shoot you. but, i'm taking the risk, cause i need to let go of something, or rather someone, i thought i already given up on.'


February 25, 2017

calum's head is buzzing. he doesn't know why. he knows that he is in heat but right now, everything hurt. he was actually feeling like this since last night. his head feels like it is splitting in half, his while body aches and he feels like a used punching bag.

he called in sick cause he can't even stand up. he is not sick, no. he checked his temperature and it is normal. his throat is not sore and he doesn't have a cold. he just started feeling like this last night and luke said he will not be around for a couple of days because he is visiting his family in the other side of the country cause he said he needed a break.

calum screamed in pain as soreness started hitting his body as he stand up. he can feel slick dripping in the back of his thighs but it hurts, it is supposed to feel good since he is in heat, and everything must feel good but he feels terrible.

he feels so light headed and as he stand up, to grab water and pain killers downstairs, everything is spinning, he fell back on the bed and all he saw was black.


Calum called Michael, and the boy immediately answered.

'cal? hi!' michael said cheerfully, and calum is so jealous of that. how he is so happy while calum is suffering in pain. 'h-hi, michael i need your help.' calum said and michael gasps. 'is it about luke? what did he do? i swear to god i'll chop his balls off.' michael said.

'its not about luke mike.' calum said.

'oh, how are you two?'

'we are fine. he is out for a couple of days cause he visited his family. anyways, i really need your help.' calum said and michael listened carefully. 'what is it?' michael asked. 'it has been a day since my second heat, and i dont know if this is normal but it hurts, i can't stand up. i can't eat cause i can't even walk to go downstairs. i can't take a bath. im basically paralyzed in my bed. and all my friends are busy, like all of them.' calum said.

'okay, let me just tell ashton that we are coming over there, i mean can you stay awake for 4 hours? or just rest. I just dont know why you are feeling like that, my second heat with ashton is so fine.' michael said and calum once again felt jealous of that.

'just please, bring food. im so hungry and dehydrated.' calum said and michael said yes before hanging up that phone.


'calum, your condition is very dangerous. you are a fully presented omega since January. and you said you spent your first heat alone as well as your second heat. This case is what made Male Omegas very rare. Your friend here is 20 years old so he must have experienced having an alpha with him on his first or second heat.' the doctor said and calum's heart is thumping like crazy. he's so nervous about this and now that he learned that his condition is dangerous make him feel like he is gonna faint.

'can you just tell him what is happening and dont use me as an example.' michael said and ashton nudged the boy, making michael look up at him and say an annoyed 'what'

'you see here calum, male omegas can't live without an alpha. and they need an alpha on their 3rd heat. look, if you dont find an alpha to knot you, calum, im sorry but you will die. you need an alpha to knot you on your 3rd heat, and it is a huge problem because, you said you are single. alpha doesn't need to mate you, you just need to be knotted.' the doctor said and calum can feel tears brimming at the side of his eyes.

'look, you need to be knotted in your 3rd heat and calum, you will need an alpha beside you always. you can ask for an alpha to knot you calum, it is not hard because every omega on heat is a meat to every alphas out there. and im sorry if i said that very rudely but it is reality. that is why i'll be recommending this birth control pills if you dont want to have children yet after an alpha knotted you, because there is a 99% that you'll get pregnant with an alpha knot.' the doctor said before writing on his prescription.

'you need to take this a week before your heat. and please keep in mind that you cannot miss a day in taking this. you need to drink this everyday, for a week, because an alpha knot is strong. but if you want to pups, then you can skip drinking this,.' the doctor said and handed calum the prescription but calum can just look at paper, still shocked about what he just learned.

'its okay calum, we'll help you.'


calum watched a very boring comedy show, he just needs to hear voices to drown out the silence. michael and ashton are out to buy some food cause neither of them can't cook and calum is too emotionally tired to cook.

pillows and blankets are around him and keeps him warm. calum snapped his head towards to the door, that opened, revealing luke who is carrying a bag of dirty clothes that he used on his family's house.

calum realized that luke doesn't know his condition. and calum felt like a pregnant woman because he suddenly started crying. luke knows he ruins everybody's day but not that that it makes them cry,

he rushed over calum and immediately hugged the boy who is sobbing mess. calum snuggled closer to luke as he cried loudly. luke kissed the boy's head and calum spoke up,

'h-help me.'



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