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"ATTENTION," a foreign voice breaks through the speakers. "Attention everyone!"

I lift my head up from my hands and stare in the direction of the speakers.

"We seem to have a bit of a situation on our hands," the voice continues with force firmness, "and until we get that situation under control, I advise each and everyone one of you to stay put."

We all glance around, puzzled. That's nowhere near enough information for the amount of time we've been in lockdown. My fucking ass is hurting from sitting on these hard as fuck grounds! Give me a little more than a 'situation', man, what the hell?

"Turn off all on-hand electronic devices as a safety precaution and stay behind locked doors." Faint shooting can be heard in the background. "Do not leave your classrooms...*Gunfire*...I repeat do not leave your classrooms under any cost...*Gunfire*...Stay put until help arrives!"

No one's saying a single word until:

"Those were gunshots!" Carmen stands up, pointing to the speaker. "Correct me if I'm wrong but those were gunshots from machine guns to be exact!"

"Settle down, Carmen," Ms Mills orders her. "We don't know what's going on. However, what we do know is that in a moment like this we must have composure, alright? Now, you heard the man, turn your cellphones off."

Ms Mills takes a look at each student who has their phone out in their hands. In response, they shut off their devices and place them away.

Turn my phone off? Yeah right, fuck that. Why should we even trust this man? We don't even know who he even is for Christ's sake! None of this is making any sense, whatsoever. I should be at baseball practice on the oval by now. So I leave mine as it is..y'know..incase for like emergency reasons or whatnot.

Erratically, Mr Damien's classroom erupts with screams. Someone has opened the door and has left. I wonder which dumbass?

"Get back in here now, Samuel!" Mr Damien roars after him.

Oh right, Sam. Who would have guessed? Must've been deaf when the announcement came on.

He walks backward, facing the class. "Why should I?"

Rapidly the shouting transforms into screaming. But whatever they're screaming at, we can't see it; an ivory wall is blocking our view.

"Turn around, you idiot!"

"Mate, watch out!!"


"Bro, bro, bro BEHIND YOU."

'It' finally comes into our view and as Sam spins around, it's too late. Holy hell... I...I cannot believe my eyes. What I'm seeing is practically impossible... This can't be real. It just physically cannot. Period! That's all there is to it.

A massive slimy grimy chunk is taken out from Sam's neck. He struggles impotently to push whatever that thing is away from him. Everyone huddles around me as we watch, watch whilst he slips away before our eyes. We can't do anything. It's too dangerous. He put his own self in harm's way.

At one point, Sam stops fighting. And I swear to God, he's staring right into my soul. A tear trickles down the corner of his eye and a tiny smile plays on his mouth. I never liked him. Never. But he didn't deserve to go down like this...not like this... I am scarred for life. His body falls to the ground, rebounding from the impact until it lays motionless.

'It' continues taking huge chunks outta him, moving onto his abdomen. Sam's dead. He's dead but he's still staring at me. The 'thing', it...it appears like it hasn't eaten in centuries. It's wearing our school's hoody which means it...it was one of ours? A student here at Brentwood High?...

Redness. Red everywhere. Red splattered windows. Red stained grounds. Red dampened clothes. Red. Red. Red.

Mr Damien rushes to the door and slams it shut. "Back off to the other end of the classroom now!" he bellows so loud that even we hear him. His whole class does exactly that. They would probably listen to anyone after experiencing the shit that went down.


We saw everything happen right in front of us. We all knew what they called this. We just couldn't believe it. I thought watching movies about this crap 'prepared' me...but seeing it with one's own eyes, nothing in the world could prepare me for this, not in a million years.

The Apocalypse.

The Zombie-goddamn-Apocalypse.

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