Chapter 43

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There's was still hours left until homecoming was over and I didn't intend to leave so soon but right now I wanted out of here as soon as possible. Why? Because whilst I was making out with Vic, I have conjured myself a little problem, down below.

I pull away from Vic, panting and feeling rather uncomfortable in my tight pants.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Nothing." I murmur embarrassed.

I go back to kissing him, hoping that he doesn't feel my boner against him. I really just want to get out of here and fool around with him, maybe even do more.

Mom had texted me a while ago that her and Dad wouldn't be home in a few hours. I don't know what they're doing but I don't really care. It just means that my house is empty for a few hours.

I'm too embarrassed to tell Vic exactly what I want to do but I can't wait any longer to get out of here.

What if I can make him want to leave?

With that thought in mind, I unhook my arms from around his neck and move them down to his shoulders. They're not there for very long before I run my hands down his chest. He's oblivious as to what I'm about to do, but not for long. My hand drops down to the front of his pants and I gently run my fingertips over it before I gently palm him. A throaty groan leaves his mouth as he pulls away from my lips and gives me a hard look.

"What are you doing?" He says, confused.

I just smirk and bring my lips to his neck before I palm him again. His breath hitches as he suppresses a moan.

"Kell, not here." He says warningly.

I drop my hand and bring my lips up to his ear.

"Well then why don't we get out of here?" I suggest.

I bite my lip as I lean back to see his reaction. I can tell just by the lusty look in his eyes that he's already given in.

"We need to get our things." He says determined as he takes my hand and strides across the room to where Matty and Danny are sitting.

Vic grabs our things that were sitting next to Matty. Matty stops talking to Danny and looks up at us.

"Going so soon?" He asks confused.

"Yeah," Vic answers. "Emergency."

I have to stifle a laugh at how eager he is. My plan worked better than I suspected.

"Oh, is everything okay?" Matty asks seeming worried.

"Yep." I grin. "Everything's fine, I'll see you around."

We then walk off but when we get outside, I spot Tay and Oli just sitting and talking with their fingers interlocked. I haven't spoken to the since we actually got here.

"Am I going to be a third wheel now that you two are together?" I chuckle jokingly.

They both look back at me grinning.

"Yep." Tay chirps.

I grin and lean down before giving Tay a tight hug.

"Same rules still apply, if he hurts you, I'll cut his dick off." I murmur.

"Hey, what if she hurts me?" Oli says.

"Then I'll cut her dick off too." I say like it's the most obvious thing making them both laugh. "I have to go. I'll text you."

We exchange goodbyes before I take Vic's hand again and we head towards his car. He opens the passenger door for me, making me blush and I thank him before getting into the car. He then gets into the car too and quickly pulls out of the school parking lot.

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