;chapter two

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Alaska's pov
today is Saturday, which means i start at a new school soon. i'm really nervous & I won't even have any friends.

anyways I got up checked my phone to see what time it was, 10am, then went down stairs for breakfast.

my mom had went out with my sister a while ago according to a note on the counter.

just then I got a text from Joey asking if I was busy.
A- "i'm not busy. why?"
J- "I was wondering if you wanted to hang with me & 2 of my friends. I could show you around as well."
A- "sounds fun"
J- "ok I'll come pick you up in an hour?"
A- "sure bye :)"
J- "see ya :)"

perfect I have an hour to get ready. I did my makeup, changed this ⬇️,

 I did my makeup, changed this ⬇️,

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then I heard a knock on the door. wow perfect timing. I opened it to see Joey & 2 other guys. "hey Ally!"-J. I like when he calls me Ally. it makes me warm inside. "hi!" "these are my friends Charles & Brayden."-J. "hello." "you're accent is really cute."-Brayden. I see he's the flirty type. "thank you." I wasn't really phased tho cause tbh I only care if Joey were to say that. Charles said hi to me as well then we left.

"so where are we going first?" "the mall?"-J. "sure." we drove to the mall then when we got there, we went to Pac sun, Topshop, & Zumiez, but then I saw Bath & Bodyworks so I wanted to go in there to get a candle. i love candles so much. so while i went in, I told the boys they could go to another store to browse while I shopped.

Joey's pov
Ally wanted to go into Bath & Bodyworks so while she went there, we went into the Vans store.

"so what do you think of Alaska?" I asked the guys. "she's so hot dude."-Brayden. "yeah & she's nice."-C. when Brayden made that comment it made me really mad for some reason. yeah she is beautiful & you can't help but say it but I don't want him to be alone with her at all cause if he makes a move on her, he's gonna get his ass kicked.

after she was finished, we went to get food & we ran into a few supporters. "omg can I get a picture with you?!"-fan. "omg Joey I love you!"-another fan. as I was taking pics with the girls, I could hear Ally talking to someone.

"who are you? & why are you hanging out with Charles, Joey, & Brayden?"-girl. "i'm Joey's new neighbour & they're showing me around."-A. "you should really go back to England."-girl. "why?"-A. "because you're trash or as you would call it, rubbish & Joey doesn't like you. he's probably only showing you around cause his mom told him to."-girl.

I turned around & walked over to them. "hi." "omg Joey I love you! i'm a huge fan!"-girl. "really? cause fans aren't rude to my friends. if you really were a fan you'd be nice. bye."

"i put my arm over Ally's shoulder & walked towards the food court. "don't listen to anything that girl said." "thanks but don't worry Joey, i'm fine. i don't understand why she was mad tho."-A. "cause she's jealous." "of what?"-A. "you hanging out with me." "well I still don't understand. you're not all that great." she said jokingly. "what are you talking about i'm the best." "you wish."-A. "who else is this hot? oh right, no one." she just laughed at me & rolled her eyes.
——— *at the end of the day* ———

Alaska's pov
we got an uber to go home & was totally dope. he was so chill & he played the best music. he dropped Brayden & Charles off at their houses then we got dropped off at our houses.

"thanks for showing me around today" "I don't mind, it was fun. we should hang out again sometime soon."-J. "yeah I'd love to. k I gotta go but I'll text you later. thank you." I hopped out of the car. "k bye."-J. we smiled at each other then I walked into my house & went up to my room.

all the sudden Maisie bursted into my room all cheery. "so how was your little date with Joey?"-M. "it wasn't a date Maisie." "ok he was showing you around, whatever still."-M. "2 of his friends came with us. if we were on a date, it would just be us two." "whatever doesn't change the fact that you like him."-M. "get out." I said & shoved her out of my room.

the rest of the night, Mais & I watched a movie & ate candy then I got into bed & went on my phone. I went on Instagram but just after I remembered to text Joey. Joey & I talked for basically the whole night but I realized it was 3am so I decided to peace it & go to bed.


guys i have fucking school tmr. i'm gonna kms. & to make things worse, i have an english project due the i get back. fuck my life.

anyways, hope u enjoyed. thanks for reading. bye! xx

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