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part 2» "Lip will probably murder me in my sleep..."

     "Mom? Aunt Sarah?" I questioned as I peeked my head around the door to see if either of them when there

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     "Mom? Aunt Sarah?" I questioned as I peeked my head around the door to see if either of them when there. "Hello?"

     I walked further into the small one bedroom apartment, closing the worn down door behind me. Instantly my nose was greeted with the smell of cigarette smoke and tacky perfume. The place was a fucking sty. The gross torn up-lumpy red couch was littered with newspapers and cigarette burns. The ash try on the coffee table was flowing over. The floor was littered with beer cans and vodka bottles. The sorry excuse for a refrigerator was making a strange dying sound and the trash next to the dishwasher was overflying with garbage.

     Finally determining no one was home, I pulled my backpack closer by the strap and made a run for Aunt Sarah's tiny ass bedroom. The mattress sat on the floor, unmade, and clothes splattered the floor, making it a mind field to cross. I instantly ran over to her small bedside table and starting rummaging through the drawers in search of the magic.

     Aunt Sarah works at the strip club joint down the block as a waitress. Surprisingly, men slip her tons of tips even though she has more wrinkles and saggy skin than I can count. My aunt is the epitome of white trash. Her blonde hair is thinner than thin and she always wore ridiculous blue eyeshadow with the brightest red lipstick that managed to be more on her teeth rather than on her lips. At one point, I was positive she sold her body for money but I guess she gives it away for free from what I hear from my mom.

     As for my mother, she had a new boyfriend almost every week. She used to work at the retirement home with Vee, that was until one of the nurses found out she was sneaking pills while her breathe reeked of vodka. She was instantly fired and that was 5 months ago. Now she gets all her rent money and extra spending cash from different rich boyfriends. How does she get these rich boyfriends? My mother is the complete opposite of Aunt Sarah, despite their similar love for narcotics and alcohol. She may be a religious pill popping and alcohol extraordinaire but she has looks for days. Most people used to think she was my sister. With our stupid similar looks, my mom uses them to get her to the Golden Coast to find different boyfriends at coffee shops and libraries. Somehow it works. Fools.

     Since it was 8 o'clock in the morning, Sarah must have been with some tool who picked her up from the strip club and my mom must be with Tim - or was it Jim? Ah, who gives a fuck, she must have been with some rich dude.

     I quickly rummaged through all her gross belongings. Cheap eyeshadow pallets, five dollars that I'm pocketing, a random glue stick, condoms. Sighing, I shoved the drawer close and tried to think about where she put her stash next. These freaks don't notice that I steal their pills but Sarah had her suspicions that my mom was stealing them after a lot went missing, so being her paranoid self, she finds a new hiding spot every other day.

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