Lafayette x OC!-MODERN!☆

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A/n: this is gonna be with my OC Abi, and Lafayette, and Thomas Jefferson is my brother, yeah, enjoy

Abi's POV~

Oh my God, I'm p-pregnant, oh my God. Does Laf want to be a father? Do I want to even be a mother? Actually I knew the answer to this since I was 11, heck yeah, well what am I gonna tell Washington, my boss? What I'm I going to tell my perverted Francophile of a brother, Thomas, I live with this guy, he gonna be like "Abi you've been a naughty girl~" oh my god I am dead well I'm dead mentally, physically, and emotionally. What I mean by that is I have my frickin head in the toilet and Jefferson is gonna tease me, I just can't believe, that I'm pregnant but, I have to tell my boss, my boyfriend, and my brother, well hey why don't I go in that order. Okay to Mr. Washington's office AWAY!!!


I walk up to Mr. Washington's door and I knock anxiously, I am literally shaking, then I hear Alexander

"You can come in."

I did so and I see Alex sprawled on Washington's desk

"Alexander?!? Washington is going to kill you!!!"

"I don't care, all I want is you." Alex then gets of the desk inching closer to me, I did all I could say at moment.


"I said I don't care."

I figured I can take this to my advantage, so I kick him in the...never mind and I screamed the name of a trusted adult in the building


Then Mr. Washington ran to his office he had a coffee stain an his thigh and a half eaten donut, and he found a slowly dying Alexander, and me panting. I then hug him, he has always been my go-to-dad.

"M-Mr Washington, I need to talk to you."

"Yes why don't we go into the break room." I then say yes,

We walked down the hall and we opened the door, and we see my brother Thomas chugging a gallon of milk and his pal James Madison cheering him on. well looks like more than one person is going to get fired today,

"THOMAS?!? JAMES?!? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!!" Washington yells, then Thomas and James attempt to escape but NO ONE can escape a mad Washington, but Washington let's my brother and his friend go.

"Leave. Before I fire you!" He yelled as my brother and his friend scurried away,

"So Abi what were trying to tell me." Washington attempting to say softly but I can still tell he's pretty mad,

"I-uh am-um bun in the oven?" I just completely screwed up royally like King George III, but Washington gave me a joyful face and a smile.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!" Washington then hugs me.

"You know that is an absolute gift, I mean Martha and I can't have children because..."

"Nope, nope, nope I don't want details I'm going to puke again if you go into detail."

"Okay, okay, I'm just happy for you, and if you need anything I'll help you, and if you need a personal day off for reasons, it's okay but just call me."

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