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Chapter 1

Lexi was ordered to finish the science assignments that she hadn't done in an effort to bring up her grade. The team had been scolding her and lecturing her about how she was being ridiculous or 'insolent', as Ziva put it.

Her irritation was steadily rising. Sitting at a desk, doing homework she didn't want to do on top of her burning ass when 3 people were scolding you every minute for everything you did... yeah, it shouldn't take too long for Lexi to lose her patience. Tony and Tim went down to Abby's, much to Lexi's relief.

Tapping her pencil, Lexi eyed the homework in disgust. Who cared about how many protons and neutrons were in an atom? Right now, she couldn't care less.

"You are supposed to be finishing your work, not tapping your pencil," Ziva scolded firmly. Lexi dropped her pencil and sighed. She wanted to roll her eyes, but the sting in her tail reminded her otherwise.

"Yes, Ziva," Lexi answered instead.

"Are you almost done?" Ziva asked.

Lexi shook her head. "Let me see, Lexi."

Lexi hesitated and held her paper away from Ziva.

"Now, Alexia," Ziva remarked sternly. Lexi slowly made her way to Ziva and showed her the nearly empty homework sheet. Ziva sighed and stroked Lexi's naturally curly hair.

"Lexi, what is going on?" Ziva asked softer but still firm.

Lexi shook her head and looked away, new tears forming in her eyes. Ziva gently held Lexi's chin to look at her.

"Talk to me, tateleh," Ziva coaxed. Lexi sniffled.

"I-I just wanna go home. My butt hurts, and I just want to go home," Lexi whimpered.

"Now, you deserved that spanking, Lexi," Ziva replied.

"I know, but I didn't know she'd use a belt," Lexi admitted.

"Believe it or not, she would not have hesitated to use the belt on any of the team if she had to," Ziva told her.

"She's never spanked me that hard before. It hurt and stung so bad," Lexi replied.

Ziva sighed and ran her fingers through her own brown curls.

"Lexi, you are missing the point. You did something wrong, she punished you. She felt that the usual punishments weren't working so she turned it up a hotch," Ziva said.

"....Notch?" Lexi asked.

Ziva mumbled something about American idioms.

"Okay I guess. Can you come over tonight?" Lexi asked. Ziva sometimes went over at Jen's or Gibbs' along with the team on weekends.

"Sure, sis," Ziva answered, tweaking Lexi's nose playfully. Lexi smiled.

"Now, finish your work. Actually put down logical answers please," Ziva said.

"Yes 'ma'am'," Lexi replied cheekily. Ziva playfully glared at her.


Later on, it was time to leave NCIS. Ziva walked with Lexi behind Jen while they left the building, talking and laughing. They stopped for Chinese take-out on the way. When they made it to Jen's house, Lexi immediately ran upstairs and placed her bag in her room.

"Lexi, after you eat, shower and then come back down so we can watch a movie," Jen instructed softly.

Lexi ate, and ran upstairs for her shower. She went into her room to change. Lexi started to pull up her panties when she caught a glimpse of her backside in her full length mirror.

"Geez..." she commented, lowering the back of her underwear. Ziva walked in at that moment.

"Oh wow," Ziva winced. Lexi nodded in agreement. Red welts lined her backside from the top continuing down to her mid thighs.

"It is alright. They will fade in about a day or two," Ziva explained.

Lexi nodded and shrugged. She pulled her pajama pants back up and followed Ziva downstairs. Tony, Abby and Tim were on the couch watching a baseball game.

"Alexiaaa!!" Tony remarked, grabbing Lexi and flipping her onto the couch.

Lexi giggled. Tony scooped her into a tight hug.

"Hey, Tony," Lexi greeted.

"You okay?" Tony asked in concern. He knew that the Director must have really dished it out to her this time.

Lexi nodded. "I'm good. Hi Tim, hey Abs,"

"Hey, Lex," Tim replied with a small smile.

"Hey, little sister, how's the seat?" Abby asked sympathetically.

Lexi shrugged. "Eh, could be worse,"

"Really?" Abby asked.

Lexi shook her head. "Kidding. It kills,"

"You kind of deserved it, Lexi," Tim pointed out.

"Hey, cut the kid some slack, McGoo," Tony protested.

"It's alright, Tony. Tim actually has a point. I did something wrong, I got punished. It's over now," Lexi replied calmly.

"Glad to know you've learned your lesson, Lexi," Gibbs commented, coming out of nowhere. Jen joined them, sitting on the couch and pulling Lexi to lie down with her legs across her lap to prevent her bottom from touching the couch.

They picked out 'Pitch Perfect' to watch, much to Lexi's delight. Lexi sang almost every song that was featured in the movie, much to everyone's amusement.

Jen noticed that Lexi had a remarkable voice. She smiled proudly when Lexi piped out 'Just the Way You Are'/'Just a Dream' because she hit every note. It was funny when the 80s and 90s songs came on and Lexi went completely silent while the team belted out some of the lyrics, as she did not know the words.

Lexi fell asleep by the end of the movie. Jen carefully picked her up and carried her to her room. Placing her face-down on her bed, Jen started to walk out.

"Mom..." Lexi called out sleepily.

"Yes, sweetie?" Jen replied.

"I'm really sorry," Lexi whimpered. Jen walked to her bed, sat by the edge and stroked her hair.

"Oh, sweetie, for what?" Jen asked softly.

"For today... I know how you felt about me lying and stuff, but I didn't pay attention to that," Lexi murmured.

Jen sighed. "Lexi, you were punished and it's over now. If anyone should be sorry, it's me,"

"You?" Lexi asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "Why?"

"I had to punish you so severely. I hate doing that," Jen replied.

"Oh..." Lexi answered.

"But I won't hesitate to, next time you lie," Jen warned.

"Don't worry... there won't be a next time," Lexi promised.

"I appreciate that, sweetie," Jen remarked.

"I love you Mom..." Lexi trailed off, falling asleep.

Jen smiled and kissed Lexi's forehead. "I love you, Lexibear. Sweet dreams," she whispered.


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