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Waking up I felt a bit drained, but I put on a happy face as I grabbed some clean clothes from my drawer, a Memphis May Fire band tee, black ripped skinny's, and my favorite worn out vans. Heading to the restroom I felt a tad bit better already knowing my shower would try to release some of the tension in my muslces. It let out most of it but when you're alone in the shower, you tend to think about life. It's the normal thing with people. My mind drifts to Tyler and what can I do to improve our relationship. I think of my moms simple conversation with me from last night and seeing if I should invite Tyler. Should I even attempt? Maybe I should tell her some excuse to make me not have to ask him...

Getting out from the shower, I put my clothes on and head back to my room, plopping myself onto my bed. Looking everywhere and just thinking mindlessly, that is until I see my cellphone. I grab it and go through my recent text messages to find Tyler's name. Clicking on it I ponder if I should really do this. Hm... How bad can it actually be? Maybe I should do it in person so I can gauge his reaction.

*Hey :) Want to come over? I got a question for you. Lol.* I send it quickly and sit there in silence till I hear my ringtone go off.

*Most definitely. I need to know what this question is.*


"Hey" I said looking anywhere but his eyes. 

"Hi. Can you go ahead and ask me? Because I'm going mad just thinking about it." He looks at me with a serious face but tries to smile. Doesn't really work though.

"Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me." He laughs. Why is he laughing?

"You invited me over just for that?" He continues to laugh. 

"Well, my mom wanted me to ask... and she's coming too." My voice betraydes me and slowly drifts off.


"What?" I demand.

"Why does your mom have to go? I just want it to be us. Kinda lame having your mother go when we are seniors." Is he kidding right now?

"Listen, my mom and me were gonna go and she wanted you to tag along since we kinda have been talking and hanging around a lot lately. She's trying to get to know you better, Tyler." With all of that I'm already exahusted and emotional.

"Whatever, Addison. If you want me to go that damn bad and become buddy-buddy with your mom. I'll be happy to come skip through medows with you guys." He rolls his eyes and looks at the door, "I'm about to go. Text me."


Today just hasn't went to plan at all, I was hoping Tyler would at least be more polite about the nice attempt my mom is giving him. She usually doesn't care for Tyler, but she knows I like him and is trying to support me. Which I am lucky because I'd hate for her to be one of those parents that would ban us from talking. I like to learn and make my own mistakes.

Laying down against my pillow pet I glance at the clock right beside me on my night table. It reads '10:34 pm'. I'm not really sleepy but I feel so drained to go talk to my mom or do anything else. Staring at my celing, I think about my pervious conversation with Tyler again. Why did he have to act like that? My mom can be so nice to people, but yet he's been such an ass to her. To me also. Why? Is it because of that new crowd he's hanging with? I don't really know them but I can't say, even though I heard most of them have been in and out of school with discipline issues. I cannot dwell on this anymore I think to myself but somehow I knew I'd be right back in this place tomorrow.


I glance at my clock again '11:27 pm'.  I really need to get away from my thoughts and focus on something else... but what? Looking around the room I notice my cellphone on my window post. Clicking on Instagram again, I go through my feed and see a few people from my school and I like their post and read a bit of captions. Almost falling asleep, I notice the user 'mikefuentes' again.

Staring at the photo I notice he has Ray Bands, a Rebel Eight shirt, and too many tattoo's to count. Along with a piercing just above his lip, hm. I wonder if it hurt. Hell, I wonder if all those tattoo's hurt. Looking at the picture, I notice a almost visible neck tattoo, the second word is 'soul' but I can't seem to make out the first word which is almost frustrating. I really want to know..

Without thinking, I click on the comment button and leave a quick and simple one... "What does the ink on your neck say?"

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