Chapter 31

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Jaxon's POV

My eyes shot open, and I desperately gasped for air, I felt like I was suffocating, like I couldn't breath. It took me about a second or two for me to relax, then when I was finally calm enough did I get my breathing under control.

After I lost my father, I had lost everything. I started having these nasty nightmares, that soon turned into night terrors. They were so bad to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Then I met Erin and everything changed, they started going away... So why were they back?

I looked around my room trying to take in my surroundings, only to realize that this didn't look like my room, nor was I laying in bed.

I was only able to see what appeared to be blurred items, as my vision was still hazy from my sleep. I attempted to reach up with my hands and rub my eyes, when something stopped me.

A sound of rattling chains filled the empty room, that soon followed with something burning the hell out of my skin. I winced looking down at the pain on my arms. That's when I realized that I was chained up to a chair, my wrist were shackled down to the arm rest.

What the hell?

That's when I also noticed that my shirt was missing. Why the hell was i shackled up to a damn chair, shirtless. I squirmed around in the chair, when I felt something heavy around my ankles. Looking down at them, I seen that my legs too were in shackles, exactly like my wrist.

My breathing started to pick up. The longer I sat there, the more anxious I got. I looked down to where I was rooted, and noticed that not only was I chained to my spot, but the chair seem to be bolted down to the ground as well.

Where the hell am i?

After a few minutes, my vision had finally cleared up enough. I took another take of my surroundings.
The area I was in seem to be pretty spacious, but there wasn't really much in front of me. There were concrete walls, and a sink in the corner to my far right. If I was correct, it looked like I was in some type of basement, and I wouldn't doubt it if there were some type of stairs behind me.

I accidentally moved my arms squirming around trying to get a better look around the room, and exactly like the first time, I hissed as the shackle burned my skin. Still confused on what the hell was going on, I looked down at my wrist to find that my skin was fairly red around the area where the chain wrapped.

A deep voice rumbled from behind me, as I struggled against the weird burning chains. "Burns doesn't it..."

I quickly snapped my head up. "Who's there!?" I croaked.

The voice doesn't answer back though, it stays quiet. A second later I heard what sounded like foot steps starting to creep up behind me. Soon enough the man who's voice I heard, stood directly in front of me. I couldn't really make out his face though, the room was poorly lit, and to top it off he had a hoodie over his head.

He was dressed mostly in all black. Black slacks, a hoodie black leather jacket, he even wore black leather gloves on his hands. He had his jacket slightly unzipped, and you could make out a white dressed shirt underneath the rest of his clothing. Of course he had a black tie to finish off his look.

Who the hell was this person?

I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look at him, but nothing still. He just stood there for a few seconds, watching me. Soon enough he finally reached up, and removed his hood slowly.

"Mr. D'luca?" I whispered softly, furrowing my eyebrows.

His mouth started to curl into a cold, sinister smirk, giving me an unpleasant feeling in my lower stomach. "I was starting to wonder how long it was gonna take for you to wake up, Garrels."

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