Letters //Hope Mischief Managed Teaser #1//

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Unknown PoV

"Son, we are doing this because we know and love you." Those words repeat through my head and I find myself clenching my fists. I'm tired of these people.

"You think you know who I am?" I retort and stand up from my seat.

"Son, listen-"

"No, you listen. You never bothered to raise me, neither of you even tried. You put my life in the hands of maids and forced them to raise me. You only talked to me if we were going to a social event, Father. Let's not forget about you, Mother, the women who gave birth to her child, but never bothered to raise it. Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm your child, but do you really know anything about me?" The room is silent and everyone's eyes are on me, listening to me.

"Father, Mother. When's my birthday?" I ask and I notice a tear going down my Mother's cheek. My Father simply glares at me and I click my tongue.

"Exactly, you don't know me at all. I'm practically a stranger to you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving."

That's exactly how I'm in this situation now.

So tell me, Y/N, did you really want to know me that bad? Are you going to abandon me? If so, I suggest you leave my mansion. Leave my mansion and take the letters with you, take all of them, leave. Don't worry if your intention was to get me to pay you, you can always become Jungkook's slut. He's always wanted to be a sugar daddy. Knowing all this now, who is the real bad boy? Who have you always truly loved all this time?

Sincerely, Jung Hoseok

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