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Hello everyone :)

I felt it was important for me to start this story with a note because there are things that I want to explain first. I am French Canadian so it's quite possible - a fact, even - that there will be spelling mistakes etc... I hope that you will be gentle with me about it but know that if there are, I like it when people tell me so I can correct said mistakes. ;) I'm trying my best to make it as readable as I can hehehe. :P  

In this story, The Harry Potter books exist even though Hogwarts and the wizarding world exists too. J.K. Rowling just knew about it and decided to write a fiction about it. Lord Voldemort never existed, nor the final battle at Hogwarts - obviously - and Harry Potter and his friends are fiction characters as well. ( except in the books ;) ) Now, people asked me what HP characters are real in this story so here it goes: Almost all the adult characters and I added Luna Lovegood too because she's too awesome not to include her. :P She will be 18 years old, so same as Sang and will be working at Hogwarts. I just don't know what her job will be yet. 

The Blackbourne and Toma teams are muggles :P. They didn't know about the wizarding world until they were called for their mission and let me tell you that some of them are super excited about it! I was supposed to start the story with Sean's point of view but there were some things I wanted to explain first, so I decided to go with Sang's pov first. Now you know that the second chapter will be Doctor Green's pov :P. 

I will change some minor things about the characters. Nothing big. Their birth date - mostly because I don't remember and don't want to re-read the books to check XD - and their age and probably age difference too. Sang is 18 in this story. So are Nathan, North, Luke, Gabriel, Silas, Victor and Kota. Sean, Owen, Raven, Corey, Brandon and Marc are 21 and Axel is 23. There is no Kevin in this story. 

I honestly don't know if I will add some mature content but if I do, you will be warned first and will easily be able to skip those parts if you aren't interested in reading those kinds of things. Know that in this story, Corey and Raven are together as a couple and they're really cute together might I add. :P

If you would like to ask me a question or would like something to happen in this story or to see different Harry Potter characters appear and interact with The Academy characters etc... There is a section called 'Questions'. It's right after Chapter 4. <3

I think I said it all. :) I don't know if I will be able to update every week but know that I will try my best. I will try to post the first chapter tonight because I won't be at home tomorrow and I want it here before I go. <3 Also, the first chapter is a little bit heartbreaking but I wanted you to know that it won't be the case at all in the second. There will be a lot of humor involved in this story, even though there are a plot and things a little bit dramatic. Not too much though because I just can't do dramas. I just can't. The clown in me refuse! He's like North when Luke wants him to eat chocolate. So, that's it. I hope that you will enjoy this story. <3

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