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Dance Macabre by Saint-Saëns, Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven, The Lark Ascending by Iph Vaughan Williams.

Red Oni, Blue Oni, Chinese myths, Cinderella and the Fairygodmother.

‹‹ School Life, Mystery, Tragedy, Psychological ››

「 The Lightning Awards Season 2 Winner: Best Hook 」

Bound to answer her parents' expectations, Sumire Yuu's life consisted of keeping a flawless façade of an ojou-sama. With an eye for people and the influence that comes with her family name, wealthy businessmen believed she would bring the Sumire Foundation to greater heights. But after her parent's death, her life twisted to an unexpected path. Forced to attend a school where wealth and pride have no meaning, she faces the hardships of the common folk and befriends her peers as a normal girl.

She didn't want to be involved in the world of soccer nor that man's plans, but then, just as most of her life choices, she had no say. To him, soccer is not a sport but a mean to achieve victory. With the ambition to regain her rightful place, she searches for a challenge befitting her strengths, working as a manager for the soccer team.

Now, the Football Frontier approaches and her goal is set, but another spy from Teikoku is chosen to test her loyalty and her determination for victory is put into test. All in order for Teikoku to remain undefeated.

Publishing date: January 1st, 2017

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