Chapter 2- Something Remains

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Because without you I wouldn't know the feeling of my heart thawing in its ribcage. I wouldn't know the feeling of a flame igniting within me and burning only for one person. Because without you I wouldn't know these things, things I hate myself for yearning.


"Hey, do I pick you up from work today or are we meeting over there?" My eyes find Khloe's in the mirror as she brushes her hair. With a heavy sigh she places the brush on the dresser, letting those golden strands fall down her back.

"I could've been undressed, Drew."

"So, nothing I haven't seen before. What's it gonna be?" I spins my keys around my finger as I walks further into her room, leaning against the wall. All the while I pray for mercy on my soul at the thoughts and excitement her words have caused. It's just as I thought, Khloe's an evil and dangerous woman, yet she doesn't know how many times she's brought me to the brink of insanity.

"What are you talking about?" She shoves the brush aside before piling things into her bag.

"Kade's birthday party is today. Kohl will be pissed if we miss his son's birthday and Kim might kill us." I looks at her inquisitively as it dawns on me that she's forgotten what today is. My hands clench at my sides as I tamp down the urge to demand what has her mind so busy, to ask if it's me she can't get out of her head. She groans and bangs her head on the mahogany dresser. "You forgot didn't you?"

She nods. "I didn't even buy a present."

"We'll just put both our names on the one I got," I shrug. She takes a deep breath before shaking her head. I sigh heavily, clenching my fists. "Khloe, above all weren't we friends? Don't take that from me." My voice strains by the end, my heart clenching at her taking even that from me. Can't she see I'm a broken man?

Her eyes plead with me for something but it's no use, I'm a selfish man as well. Finally, she forces a smile onto her face and agrees to put her name with the present, telling me she'll meet me and Lucy at Kohl's after work. I smile, a trace of an all familiar warmth in both our eyes I'm sure, before I exit her room.

I look closely at the door after I've shut it behind me, did she even notice her lock was still in place? I laugh shakily, I'm an asshole that doesn't know the meaning of privacy when it comes to her. She needs to upgrade if she wants me out or I should learn boundaries. Oh well, learning what was good was never my forte.

You sure? That silly voice in my head taunts.

Of course, I'm sure.

I have to be.

This is a short ass chapter because it's only a filler. I know, I know, I need to update more and I will try. Please tell me what you guys think and who do you think should attend this party? I'm thinking things are gonna get interesting and what's up with Drew???
Drew on the side.
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