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That morning, Jade woke up the same way the sun did, alone but still shining.
It all went to shit as soon as the brunette walked into her English class.
Jade could feel the hot tears threatening to fall as she heard the last few people get partnered up. The only people left were herself and-

"Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall."

Jade groaned internally not glancing up from her papers. (Most filled with doodles.) She didn't get it, it was only the first day of her junior year and they were already being assigned partners. For the whole year. Please, don't make me. I'll beg on my knees if I have to.

She could feel the platinum blonde's eyes burning holes into her skull as she sauntered over to Jade's empty table. Yes, she sat alone and that's how she liked it.

"Guess we're partners, Turdwall." She smirked gazing down at her nails and picking at them.

Jade glared down at her books. She absolutely despised the blonde. She acted as if she were top bitch because her family owned the school. The blue eyed girl always made sure she had some time in the day to make Jade's life a living hell. Jade wanted someone to knock some sense into the girl's empty brain so she can finally see that she isn't anything special.

"So, let's get this over with. You write the essay and everything like that and I'll decorate the board. Sound good?"
Before Jade could even get one syllable out, the blonde had already started to talk.

"Good, glad we could work something out. We'll meet in the library after school." With that the blonde walked off, the bell ringing as she did.

Jade pushed her glasses up slightly and gathered her books. She now officially hated her English class. Last year, it actually hadn't been that bad with Perrie in it. Perrie minded her own business, sometimes, and Jade minded hers.

Jade sighed as she walked out of the class. She now had lunch. She had texted some of her friends, well her only friends, in advance and luckily, they answered 'yes'. Their names were Leigh Anne, Jed, and Liam.

"Jadey!"  She heard a high pitched voice squeal as she entered the lunch room and suddenly she was embraced in a warm hug. "We haven't seen each other in forever!  How are you?"

Jade rolled her eyes and playfully shoved Leigh Anne off of her. She glanced to the side and saw Jed and Liam, Liam shaking his head. "Leigh, we saw each other almost all summer."  Jade replied smiling at all of her friends.

"It still felt like forever." Leigh mumbled as they went to find a table. They ended up in a table in the back of the room. Nobody had went to buy a lunch so Jade assumed everyone brought one, except for herself. She wasn't hungry. She never was hungry these days.

"So how are your classes?"  Liam asked nobody in particular as he unwrapped his sandwich. Jimmy Johns, nice.

Jade let out an exasperated sigh and shook her head after Jed and Leigh answered. "My first two classes are fine, but my last one sucks. A lot."
She pouted.

They all let out a laugh they couldn't hold back. Jade was one cute character. "Why, so?"  Jed asked this time taking a sip of his water.

"Well one, Perrie Edwards is in my class and my teacher somehow thought that giving us a project today and partnering us up together until the end of the year was such a great idea."  Jade answered letting out a huff.

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