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When Frank walked in on me and K.J having sex I knew he was pissed. After I went to talk to him he had my blood pressure all the way up. I slammed the door and K.J looked at me like I was crazy, "come on I'm ready to get the fuck on with my life" "calm down" KJ said as he pulled me in for a hug. "Move let me just pack up some stuff" he let go of me and sat on my bed and pulled his phone out. He looked as if he was mad at me or had something to say I just ignored it. After I packed three bags he helped me carry them to his car.

The ride back to his house was dead silent, I would glance at him and he was still on that damn phone! "don't text and drive" "don't talk to me as I drive" I gave him a puzzled look "what's your issue!" He didn't answer me he just shook his head and kept driving, I decided to listen to music the silence was killing me. I blasted love no thotties by cheif keef and hummed along to it we got to his house and he just walked in leaving me out there by myself. Bitch, I mumbled, I grabbed two bags and left the other one I walked in and threw them on his floor as he layed there on the phone. "What the fuck Ally" "what the fuck Ally" I mimicked and walked out the door. I went in the living room and turned on the TV to my surprise one of my favorite movies Juice was on. Later I then dozed off.

I woke up hoping that K.J would not be in his bitch fit mode, I went in his room he wasn't there I ran back downstairs and my bag was at the door with a note "went out be back later." Oh you went out I said to myself, I knew it was a party tonight so I decided to go but since Lisa was pregnant I decided to call up Tiffany. "Bitch you going to that party tonight" "girl I don't know I ain't got no one to go with" "go with me I'm not sitting in the house tonight" "bet. I'll pick you up at 8" it was only 6 so that gave me enough time to get ready. First I fixed me some food then I hopped in the shower happy that im about to get out. I decided to go long with my hair tonight I pulled out a pack of new clip in extensions from my bag they was 18 inches, I put on cheetah print leggings and a black belly shirt with a blue jean vest I looked very nice, to complete my look I put on red lipstick by then it was 8 and I heard Tiffany beeping her horn. I'm surprised K.J isn't back yet.

As we pulled in the party it was cars everywhere, we walked in and it was packed it smelled like straight up weed. I was dancing with my girl then I heard the speakers blast out "dripity drop that booty" I got hella excited and started bouncing my ass up and down. I felt someone grab my waste and I continued to twerk not even looking back to who it was, but something caught my eye in the corner I decided to finish my dance it looked like K.J with Zamika. I walked over there and it was K.J smoking a blunt as Zamika was twerking on him. I'm not fighting for this nigga she can have him. I threw my soda on K.J and stormed out the party Tiffany was right behind me. "What the fuck was that" "nothing just take me to K.Js house" I said she did so no questions asked. K.J fucked up now it's me and his room his clothes and shoes, what should I do, I thought to myself with a evil grin on my face.

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