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(Two weeks later)

Today is the day I get to go to magcon and meet Hunter and the guys for the first time. It feels like I've waited a hundred years for this day.

I smiled as I checked my phone and saw Hunter on my lock screen-

@hunterrowland just passed the tower bridge, London is amazing😍

I suddenly felt a wave of anxiety rush over me with questions filling my head: What do I say when I see him? What if I freeze and it's awkward? What will he think of me and my story? Should even I tell him my story or act like a normal teenage girl?

I didn't even feel like getting out of bed anymore. All of a sudden I just felt depressed and couldn't even be bothered to move. I felt the need to cry for some reason. Everything was perfect before I worried too much. I always worry too much.

I built up enough courage to get out of bed, I slid my pink, fluffy slippers on and walked towards my wardrobe. I couldn't even pick an outfit because I was too worried what people were going to think about me.

I decided to wear my Rowland t-shirt tucked into black jeans, with baby blue adidas superstars and my Cameron Dallas cap.

I decided to wear my Rowland t-shirt tucked into black jeans, with baby blue adidas superstars and my Cameron Dallas cap

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I quickly did my makeup and headed over to Hannah's.

When I got there I walked straight in and went into her bedroom. I didn't need to knock because I had my own key, she has one to my house too. We've been best friends since we were 5 and our mums are best friends too so we're family.

I opened her bedroom door and saw her dancing in her underwear in front of her mirror to the song "She Bad" by Cameron Dallas. Maybe I should have knocked.

I bursted out laughing because I couldn't hold it in any longer and made her jump because she had no idea I was stood in the doorway. She immediately went bright red with embarrassment.

"Han, as much as I love this, we have 1 hour to be at magcon" I said trying really hard not to laugh.

"Shut up em, I know you do this too, I'll be ready in 10 minutes" she snapped, being very correct about the part she said about me.

She got changed into the exact same outfit as me, I didn't know she was going to do this but it looked very cute.

Once we were ready I called my mum because she said she could pick us up and drop us off at the venue.

After about 20 minutes in the car my mum said "We're almost there, you excited girls?". Hannah immediately screamed with a yes but I didn't answer. I was so terrified. Of course I was excited to see Hunter but I felt sick with anxiety. Hannah knew something was wrong because of my heavy breathing so she opened my window for some fresh air and squeezed my hand tight. "We're going to have so much fun" she told me, trying to convince me to stop panicking so much.

I couldn't help but stare when we drove up to the arena. I immediately got butterflies as I saw all of the boys, including Hunter, get off of the tour bus and take some pictures with some fans on the way into the building. It didn't feel real.

"Emma, Emma, we need to get out the car now... Emma your day dreaming!" Hannah shouted to try and break me from my never ending daydream.

"I'm sorry" I said " but he's so perfect".

"Hunter!" Hannah screamed as we got out of the car. I felt a wave of emotions rush over me as he looked our way. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

He looked at me and smiled. When he looked away, almost instantly, my jaw dropped.

"Oh my god Emma!" Hannah excitedly screeched.

Hunter Rowland just smiled at me.

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