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We spent the entire week inside, only leaving the bed to shower, eat, and use the restroom. And to be honest, I could get used to having both of my wild tigers in bed all day with me. The thought caused me to get an erection and blush, knowing that the car was now saturated with the scent of my arousal.

We were driving from the airport in the car Linus had left there to the pride's territory, and to say that I was nervous would be a massive understatement. I shifted my seat as we got closer, my wolf whimpering as we finally made it to the pack house.

I could feel the curious eyes on me, and I let out a small whimper, instantly causing my mates to surround me protectively and growl at those who looked at me. It calmed my frazzled nerves until a massive voice called from deep inside the house.
"My boys are back, it's about bloody time!" The man exclaimed as he stepped out of a corridor, I instantly recognized him from my first days here.
And the recognition helped to sooth my skittish wolf. But only for a second, as I was suddenly pulled off of the ground and nearly hugged to death by my mate's father.

"Dad careful, your gonna break him" Linus chuckled, but I could hear the undertones of worry in his voice. "Oh be quiet, my boys have their mate, I have a right to be excited" he justified as he placed me down, where I truly got a good look at him.

I saw that he was where the twins got their honey-colored hair, but he had a considerable amount of grey in it. And although his body was very fit for his age, you could see that leading a pride for so long had taken a serious toll on him.

"What's your name son?" he asked, pulling me out of my temporary daze.

"Rylan" I answered, suddenly feeling very shy and self-conscience around him. "Aww, he's blushing" Linus stated, making my face flush fire truck red for the second time, making me put my face in Leo's chest.

"Stop harassing him Linus, or else I'm gonna have to remind him of the things you did as a child" he threatened, although it was jokingly.

"No please, I'll stop, I promise" Linus spoke quickly, making me laugh at my hiding spot.

"Well you boys go on and get settled, were having a celebration at dinnertime where your mate will be introduced to the pride, they are extremely eager to meet him" the thought of having to meet the entire pride made my blood run cold.

They won't like me.

There is absolutely no way that any of them will accept or respect me.

I mean look at me, I'm puny.

My thoughts were interrupted by Leo lifting me off the ground and taking me upstairs to his room, which we were all going to share. But as we got up there, I noticed Linus was staring into the bathroom, the lust on his face clearly visible.

"What are you thinking about?" Leo asked, beating me to it. With that Linus seemed to snap out of his daydream before turning to us, a smug smile on his face.

"When Leo had taken you to the bath, I had felt a pull, and I had wandered up here, only to see you two pleasuring each other in the bath" he admitted, walking towards both Leo and I with a predatory look on his face. "You don't know how many times I dreamed about that moment, wishing that I had burst in or at least watched until the end" his eyes turned into his slitted cat eyes, warning us that his tiger now had complete control.

Without a moment to spare, both Leo and I had run out of the room, giving chase to Linus' tiger. We managed to get to the edge of the forest before all of us shifted in order to move more fluently through the dense forest. I absolutely loved it, and for the first time, in a long time, I felt free. I found that I missed that feeling, but all to soon I was caught and pinned by Linus.

I shifted back under him, causing him to shift as well in order to avoid crushing me. Leo was nowhere in sight, but I knew that he would come back soon, his tiger wasn't going to allow him to miss out on something so desirable.

"Why did you run mate? You're mine, ours, our pretty little mate" he purred, making my wolf preen under his lustful gaze. He flipped me on my back and proceeded to kiss me with more passion and desire that I had ever felt, making me moan and the feeling of his lips on mine. He pulled away slightly to begin leaving hicks and love bites all the way down my neck.

He was marking his territory, and I felt eyes on us as he was doing it, only to turn and see yet another pair of slitted eyes belonging to Leo's tiger. But he had shifted back, and soon his hands were all over my body. The sparks flying from their touch was too much, my body was practically on fire as both of them licked and kissed.

All this stimulation caused me to cum without any contact with my cock, shocking both my mates into complete stillness before they licked up the mess I made on my stomach. But despite me reaching my release, they continued to caress me, learning every nook and cranny of my body.

"Please, I can't. It's too much, I need-" Linus shushed me gently, but kept up his sensual assault, ignoring my pleas.

"I'm gonna-" and before I could even finish my sentence, I shot out yet another load all over myself. Much to the pleasure of my two mates, who finally lifted me off the forest floor and carried me back to the pride house. I was still out of it and barely remember making it to the bed before I fell asleep.

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