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    Hi, names (Y/n) I'm 14 years old and I have been in the oak wood orphanage in Ireland since I was two (I'm pretty sure). My mom died because of alcohol and my dad... well let's just say he wasn't that nice to me he's in jail now. I get bullied everyday for who knows what by these three girls named Stacy, Gabby,and the leader of the dip-shits... Sofia. The only way I survive this hell hole is by watching my favorite YouTubers Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, PewDiePie, and Dan and Phil. But enough about that let's get into the story.

Your PoV
"Hey wake up dingus!" I was startled awake by the one and only Sofia. I pushed her away from me and buried my head under the scratchy covers. I was surprised that Sofia wasn't being annoying anymore but, I spoke to soon as she shoved me out of bed and let her little henchmen kick me in the stomach. "Thanks" I mumbled sarcastically, hissing in pain as I slowly got up off the floor. I quickly took a shower and got dressed.
     As I was walking out of my room I remembered, "YES IT'S SATURDAY!" I yelled throwing my hands in the air. Bad idea, I brought my hands back down to my side realizing.... It's adoption day. And about a dozen parents and kids eyes were on me.
     "(Y/n) Hun, will you please get in line" I heard miss Bell say in a sickly sweet tone. I listened to the grumpy hag and got on the end of the line, of course it was right beside Sofia. Since Sofia was being Sofia she shoved her elbow into my stomach saying "Nice one Sherlock!". When she was done abusing me I grabbed my side holding it in pain.
      I started spacing out not knowing who was getting a new home or who went into 'the room'. Out of no where I heard miss Bell say something I thought I would never hear "(Y/n) will you please step into the room". Dropping my hand from my side so it's not suspicious I walked into the room and I couldn't believe my eyes. Sitting there on the couch was Jacksepticeye. "Howeya names Sean" he said sticking out his hand so I could shake it. I gladly took it "hey my names (Y/n) and I'm doing good" I said still standing cause I knew that my side would hurt like a bitch if I sat.

Jacks PoV
I chose the girl on the far end of the line with (H/c) hair and (E/c) eyes. The kind lady named miss Bell led me to what they call 'the room'. As I sat down on the couch it only took a few minutes for the young girl to step into the room. "Howeya names Sean" I said. "Hey my names (Y/n) and I'm good!". She was still standing up, surprisingly. "Why don't you sit down?" I suggested. She hesitated but slowly sat down. Something caught my eye, she winced in.... pain?
     Ignoring it I asked her some more questions sometimes she mentioned a few of my references. Finally I knew she was the one. As we where getting up from the couches she hit her elbow on her side. She yelped like a dog getting there tail stepped on. I rushed over to her and removed her hand from her side. I looked into her eyes and she just nodded her head with consent. I only had to lift up her shirt a little bit to see a huge bruise on her side. "It's nothing I'm fine ok" (Y/n) said. "No your not ok now go get your stuff packed we will deal with it when we get to your new home"
     With one single comment she burst through the doors. I chuckled and went to sign the papers. I was finally done signing the papers when I thought I saw my old school mate, Aspen pass by. I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I hear (Y/n) say "Ok I'm ready!". Then we were off. I grabbed what surprisingly little stuff (Y/n) had and put it in the back of my car.
Your PoV
    Jack grabbed my stuff and put it in the back of his car. I climbed into the front seat of the car turning on the radio. Jack climbed into the car and laughed at something. "What's so funny?" I asked very confused. "It's funny that when you got into the car the first thing you did was turn on the radio". "Oh well I don't have a phone sooo I really only listen to what's on the radio in the kids room at the orphanage" I replied leaving an awkward silence between us until my favorite song came on, (F/s). I sang along to it knowing every single word. I didn't even notice that we started driving. After my song ended I started looking out the window purely from boredom. My thoughts stopped when I saw a girl about 25- 26 doing tricks with a knife. "What the fudge! Do you not see this?! she has a flipping butterfly knife!"(picture above)
I sat there awe struck as I watched her do these awesome tricks not even cutting her hand. I saw Jack look out the window and pullover getting out of the car. He walked over to the lady and they talked for awhile. He suddenly pointed towards me and motioned me to get out of the car. I cautiously got out of the car and walked over to the two.
    "So (Y/n) this is my old classmate Aspen". "Hey kiddo nice ta meet cha." she said holding her hand up for a high five. I giggled and high fived her. "Jeez Sean you didn't tell me she was a strong one". I looked up at dad? should I start calling him dad..... whatever, to see his face was a little pink. I smirked at him and nudged him. "Hey I have a idea how bout she comes over to supper!" I suggested quietly so she wouldn't hear it. He looked down at me and gave me a playful glare so I stuck my tongue out at him. Sean finally gave up and said "Would you like to come over for supper tonight?". Without a second thought she answered "I would love to what time?". Sean opened his mouth to say something but I quickly said "6 o'clock is good!"
     She smiled a big smile and walked off still doing tricks with her knife. "I JUST GOT YOU A DATE! you should be thankful" I said crossing my arms and walking back to the car. I heard him mumble a quick "thanks weirdo" and a little chuckle.


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