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Unedited (again) (probs gonna finish the book then edit it)

Michael's typing in his phone as he wonders down the white corridor. Luke follows behind him with his hands in his pockets as he awkwardly takes in his surroundings.

"I hate hospitals," Luke mumbles as they finally come up to the waiting room.

"Yeah?" Michael asks. The older boy approaches the sign in desk and gives his details to the lady behind, as Luke rocks on the balls of his feet.

"Yeah." Luke nods his head as they sit down. "I've hated them since.. well since I was sixteen."

"How come?" Michael asks. He looks at Luke who looks slightly uncomfortable and pale.

"I just, I don't want to talk about it," he mumbles.

"That's okay." Michael ruffles Luke's hair.

They sit in silence for a moment until Luke speaks up again. "Why did you ask me to come with you?"


"Why did you ask me to come with you? To the scan, I mean. Why didn't you ask Ashton?"

"Because you're my best friend, Ashton's not." Michael shrugs, as if it was nothing.

Luke practically chokes on air as he stares at Michael. "I'm your best friend?"

"Well, yeah."

Michael looks at Luke in confusion as the blond boy breaks out in a smile.

"So, how come you asked me to come?" Luke asks again.

"Because I know you like babies. That, and Calum had to go to work."

Luke nods and smiles to himself and they fall into silence. The waiting room wasn't that busy and it made Michael slightly more comfortable being there. If it was busy, he would most likely get anxious and feel uncomfortable being a pregnant man in a room full of soon to be mums.


The two boys look up and see a young girl in blue scrubs standing in the entrance to one of the corridors, smiling softly at them.

Michael sighs and stands up, Luke following in suit as the pregnant boy approaches the girl.

"Follow me, Doctor Ellison is waiting," she tells Michael.

"So, what is this scan for?" Luke asks Michael as they make their way down the new corridor.

"Uhm, I think it's just a check up." Michael shrugs. "Seeing as I'm a man I have to have more scans I suppose."

"Oh, I see." Luke nods and they stop at a door.

The girl they were following opens it and they enter, Michael going in first. He sees a bed and a monitor placed next to it, and he recognises the doctor he's had for his previous two scans.

"Ah, Michael! Nice to see you, you're looking well." She smiles, rolling her chair over to the side if the bed.

"Thanks, Calum's looking after me. Maybe a little too much," he chuckles as he climbs onto the bed.

"Ah he can't look after you too much." She looks over to Luke and smiles politely at him. "I don't believe we've met before."

"Oh, this is Luke," Michael introduces.

"Nice to meet you Luke." Dr Ellison holds her hand out for Luke to shake. He takes it and says "Nice to meet you too."

Dr Ellison turns to Michael who's already lifted his shirt, and gives him a knowing look.

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