Madness is not a state of the mind,
Madness is a place,
Let's get there, shall we?  

- Alice: Madness Returns.        

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              I was cold…so cold. I was dragged out of the darkness by the unbearable cold that was enveloping my body. I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids felt so heavy, it was a really an effort to force my eyes opened. The first thing I saw was an unfamiliar white ceiling, it was perfectly white, and there wasn’t any type of stain or mark. My body felt sore and stiff, every muscle was so tired. I swallowed feeling a dry burning throat, when was the last time I had a drink water? All of a sudden all the past events came rushing back to me, I froze as they did. I clenched my fists as a piercing headache attacked me leaving me breathless. I let out a moan of pain as I struggled not to close my eyes again.


            The hunter...



            Mental hospital...

            All the images flashed in front of my eyes as I remembered everything. I sat up breathing heavily. My heart dropped to the floor when I realized I was indeed in a hospital room. I glanced down at my body, seeing I was wearing nothing but a flimsy white hospital gown.


            My eyes landed on the closed white door. Panic filled instantly. Claustrophobia started clouding my mind, tears formed in my eyes blurring my sight quickly. I wanted to stand, to kick that door opened but I was frozen by fear. My breathing quickened even more; I held my chest trying to calm myself.

            "It's not locked," a female's voice whispered from somewhere in the room. My head snapped to where the voice was coming from and saw there was a woman in her thirties sitting calmly in a chair. She was wearing a white coat and fancy glasses. Her black hair was in a ponytail and a slight shade from lipstick left on her full lips. She smiled at me.

            "Who are you?" I asked trying to calm my racing heart "I need to get out of here, I'm claustrophobic,"

            "I know," the woman said calmly,  "Calm down, the door is not locked."
            "I don't believe you."

            "You can check yourself if you want," she offered pointing the door.

            "How do you know I won't escape?" I asked frowning.

            "There are two guards on the other side of the door," she explained.

            "Oh," was all I could utter. I felt myself relax a little.

            "Listen, Angeles-"

            "How do you know my name?"

            "I know a lot of things about you." I scowled at her. She opened a folder on her lap and started reading from it aloud, "Angeles Fairwell, twenty years old, single, receptionist-"

            "Stop," I cut her off confused "who are you?"

            "My name is Francis Avery."

            "Where's Raven?"

            "She is resting at her house right now, she spent the night in the waiting room; I told her to go home she needed some rest."

            "You're a doctor, aren't you?"

            "I'm a psychiatrist, yes." she replied casually.

            "I'm not crazy, please tell Raven to come and get me," I pleaded, "I swear I'm not crazy,"

            "I'm not saying you are, I'm just here to help you."

            "I just want to go home," I said honestly.

            "I will help you, Angeles. You just need to let me do it.” I shook my head

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