Chapter 1

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When the bell over the door jingled, Caroline felt a shiver of dread move down her spine.

She'd been working here at the 'Tasty Treats' almost two years, ever since she was sixteen.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at five-thirty the cheerleaders and the basketball team comes in after practice.

Well, basketball team, football team, wrestlers, depended on the season what group of boys it was.

Some of the girls changed too, except one, Reva Johanson!

Reva was head cheerleader of ALL the different groups of cheer. She loved to make Caroline's life miserable and does an excellent job because Reva is everything she isn't.

Reva is tall, slim, and has the most beautiful auburn hair, full of curls and shine. She's also athletic and popular.

Caroline on the other hand is clumsy, slightly nerdy, short, with dishwater blonde hair, and chubby. 

 Well, not chubby exactly, just bigger than Reva. Where Reva was size four, she's a size twelve. 

Just big enough for Reva to call her names.

Sadly, she figured even if she was a perfect size two Reva would still call her names. She just doesn't like her for some reason and that is just that!

"Oh look, our favorite little worker is here." Reva sneered and the other girls laughed along with some of the guys.

Caroline ignored Reva the best she could as the first guy stepped up. "What can I get you this evening?"

"I'll just have the number ten special with a coke." The guy, whose name is Ben, said.

And so, it went for the next twenty minutes or so until everyone had ordered.

Then it was Reva's turn.

"Alright whale girl, make sure you get this right!" Reva said. "I want the number three chicken sandwich, grilled. I don't want onions or mustard, just ketchup and pickles. And give me a salad with fat free ranch dressing, instead of fries, along with a diet sprite."

Caroline repeated it back to her, and at her nod, sent the order through.

The bell over the door jingled again, causing both her and Reva to glance over.

Reva's  face suddenly had a big smile on it as Caroline's heart kicked into over drive.


He was so dreamy with his light brown hair and brown eyes. He's tan and just had that athletic build girls drool over, and Caroline was no different! She'd liked him since they were freshmen, well, actually, she'd liked him before then, but only seriously since they became freshmen. Yet, except for a polite hello now and again, he's never given Caroline the time of day.

Of course, him being a jock, and extremely popular, his kind and hers don't mix.

"Andrew honey, where have you been?" Reva questioned him as she grabbed his arm.

He gave her a polite smile as he walked to the counter. "Coach wanted to talk to me."

"May I take your order?" Caroline asked, her voice slightly husky due to who she was talking to.

Reva turned to give Caroline a dirty look. "Talking here!"

"Reva stop, she's doing her job." Andrew scolded and Reva stomped off.

Huffing out a breath, he turned back to Caroline. "Sorry 'bout that Caroline, she has no manners."

"It's alright, I'm used to her ill humor when she sees me." Caroline nearly whispered.

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