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BRAYSON AND I enter the main doors. I walk in normally but he walks in like he owns the place, acting a little too confident...

"Oi heads up!"

Like a dumbass he is, Brayson thinks it'd be a good idea to aim his basketball at a recycling bin in a foyer full of students. Just as it leaves his hands, someone crucial happens to step right in front of it. The ball rebounds off our team's pitcher. Not good...

Sam spins around, his ugly tooth-brushy-looking hair spiked up with a buttload of gel. "What the fuck!?"

"Oh..shi.. Sam my man." Brayson's quick to turn into a pussy. "Look, I-I didn't mean that-" he chuckles nervously. "Dude a lil help here would be much appreciated," he hisses in my ear.

Samuel Jay. Now allow me to explain him to you guys. First of all, he is the biggest douche of this whole damn campus! He just doesn't know the limits of when to stop or if he even has any. It's fucking immature. I mean, the only time we ever get along is when we're versing other schools in sport. That's about it.

"Sam, back-off," I roll my eyes. "It was obviously an accident."

"Back-off, aye?" he raises his eyebrows.

I exhale irritatedly. Why does he always have to make everything so goddamn dramatic?

He pokes his ugly fat finger very hard into my chest. "Rescuing your...boyfriend, is it?"

I swear, one more word from him and I'll-

"Hey, Sam, cut it off. You're not cool."

Someone else cuts me off - Ella, specifically speaking.

"Bella, coming to save the day?" Sam turns to her.

She scoffs. "Tryna save you. And it's El-la, with an E. Do you also want me to spell it out for you?"

Brayson and I take a look at each other.

"Whatever floats your boat," Sam scans her figure up and down - half-pissed off, half 'I ain't gonna beat a girl up'. He opens his mouth to say something further but, "saved by the bell," he says instead. "Well then, see you ladies on the field, 4 PM, after school."

Brayson appears flustered.

"For baseball practice, chillax," Sam grins, stepping away and pairing up with one of his friends named, "Jace, mate, how you doin'?!"

Baseball, right. My whole life revolves around that. I need that scholarship more than anything.

Ella tilts her head, indicating that she also has to get going.

"Yea-yeah, of course," I stammer like a 12v. "See you around, I guess."

Brayson gives her a curt nod.

"Yup, see you boys' around..." she purses her lips before turning away.

Then Brayson's like, "mate you so gotta get them digits."

I deny his fist pump. "What? No! I mean..."

"Bro, don't kid yourself," he stares at me like he's got my life all figured out.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I laugh nervously, heading to my History class.

"For starters," he calls out behind me, "I know you wanna root her!"

I lift up my middle finger in the air.


I slump onto the hard seat. Apparently whichever seat you take on the first day of the class happens to be the one you get all year round. Unbeknownst to some, this makes it easy for teachers to realise who's missing and who's not.

"Where on earth is Bryce?!" Mr Burrows stares at his empty seat. He then eyes the people Bryce usually hangs out with; who are smart enough not to snitch. They just give him a shrug, smirking like douches.

"Anywho," Mr Burrows lifts up an eyebrow like as if he'll get to the bottom of this but for now: duty calls, "I know it's 1st period on a mundane Thursday morning and your last week next Monday-"

Everyone chatters up from utter excitement. Mid-term break is finally arriving. Can't wait to get the fuck outta here for a while.

"I know, I know, how exciting - but you gotta stay focused!" his tone changes like when you get a sudden paper-cut. "Hey, you! Off your phone!" he clicks and points his meaty finger at a girl chewing bright pink bubble gum.

In response, she blows a huge bubble and pops it before chewing more evidently in Sir's face. I slouch even more in my seat. This is gonna be a long day.


It did, didn't think it would, but it did: 1ST PERIOD HAS COME TO A HALT.

"Everyone listen up!" Mr Burrows grabs a bunch of papers from the teacher's desk. "I'm giving you this assignment early which means it's due the first day back from your break - no excuses!"

Groans, sighs, and one-liners join in with the humidity of today's weather.

"But Sirrrr we have so much on our freakin' plates already!"

That's Carmen, the apparent 'beauty queen', class slob more like it. I'll cut to the chase. Regina George. A bitch. Every school has them. I know one of her friends' name. Angelika? I think? The rest, I couldn't give one french fry of a fuck.

Yesterday, Carmen's clique of three chose to take their independence. On the same day, Jace (Carmen's now ex-boyfriend) yelled at her in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Shit, that breakup went viral...

Now she gets to feel what half of the school feels on a daily basis - loneliness. We find it hilarious considering she has caused beef with me, my sister, practically everyone for that matter.

Mr Burrows giggles, handing out the stapled papers. "Did you guys really think that I was going to let you off empty-handed, did ya?"

I grab my assignment on the way out.


I was on my way through the courtyard when from the other side Jace shouts, "hey, Sylvester! Basketball at lunch in gym?! Everyone's comin'. Teachers vs students."

Jace is one of those friends you have in PE. You're not that close with each other or hang out but in sport you're like full-on allies. He's also friends with Sam and his gang. So yeah, there's that too.

I reply with, "can't mate, have something I needa do at lunch!"

"Dude, c'mon!" he tries.

"Fine, I dunno, maybe!" I give him three answers in one but he takes it as a yes.

"Sweet!" and he heads off.

The bell rings. Break has ended. I meet up with Brayson for Biology class.

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