He Takes Away Your Pacifier (BSM)

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This is for hopechristinnelson, this is a BSM, because I read your profile! :) You are 6 months old in all of them! This is like what they are thinking when they have to take your pacifier.

Niall POV: Y/N was laying in my arms. I was so scared. I didn't want to take it out of her mouth! She had been crying for hours until we finally found her pacifier, but now it was time to go to bed. She couldn't sleep with it, she might choke! I slowly put the tip of my fingers on the ring thingy to pull it out of her mouth. I slowly wiggled it out of her mouth, terrified that she might start screaming again. I finally got it all the way out of her mouth, and all she did was stare at me. HA! I was worried about nothing.

Louis POV: Alright, no big deal, I've had to take a pacifier out of my sisters mouth before, no biggie. I grabbed the ring to pull it out, and pop. it was out. Y/N just stared at me for a minute, then she started wailing, screaming, crying. Making every noise possible! I felt awful! Okay, think Louis. What do I do? I know! Tickle her! I started to tickle her little feet, belly, and arms. She started gigglilng perfously! She was so cute. Man, I really am superman. I'm amazing!

Zayn POV: Whatever, all I have to do is pull it out of Y/N's mouth. I reached down and popped it out. Y/N started soflty crying and making grabby hands at me. I quickly picked her up, feeling awful. "Sh, sh, babygirl, I'm sorry. It's okay, Zaynie's here." I softly cooed to her while rubbing her back. She calmed down immedietly and smiled at me.

Liam POV: What if I hurt Y/N? I've never took her pacifier before! Oh my gosh, I could hurt her gums, or her tounge some how! Liam pull yourself together! I slowly put my hand on the pacifier. "Hi love, you're so cute you know that?I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to take your pacifier out so I can see your beautiful smile!" I said while I slowly pulled her pacifier out. I got it out and pulled Y/N to my chest hugging her and whispering sweet nothing into her ear. I pulled her back and she was grinning ear to ear. 

Harry POV: I laid Y/N on my bed and put her pacifier in her mouth. She wouldn't stop crying and I needed to get some work done! I was almost finished with my e-mail when Y/N started to cry the best she could with her pacifier in her mouth. I turned around and she was doing was crying and rolling around on the bed, she wasn't going to fall off though. I turned back around to finish my e-mail when her crying got louder. I turned around and saw her making grabby hands at me. Oh my gosh Harry! She's wanted you this whole time you arse! I quickly got up and walked over to pick her up, and bought her to my chest. She wrapped her little arms around my shoulder and I pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. "I'm sorry babygirl, I'm so sorry." I rocked her back and forth,  she looked up at me and smiled.

Author's note:

So I know this sucks, it's terrible, I know it is. But if I could get 2 comments I'll post another BSM story! 

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