Chapter 30

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Erin stared down at the floor, where her best friend laid with a broken neck, no emotions whatsoever. She had seen her dad do it plenty of times, how hard could it be. Apparently not that hard, with one quick twist she heard the satisfying snap leaving Arlo to go unconscious. As much as Erin loved him, she couldn't risk him holding her back. There was only one thing on Erin's mind right now. She needed to leave her dads place, her dads city, and Arlo would only try to stop her. However, she did have the slightest of compassion left not to kill him. Snapping his neck would only be temporary, and she was okay with that. By the time Arlo regained consciousness, she would be long gone.

Erin glanced over at her father's desk, where his gun still laid. Wymark looked over at in the same direction as her, also noticing the gun. He furrowed his eyebrows as if he knew what she was thinking. "Miss Erin, don't.."

In less than half a second they both immediately flash over to Lucius desk. Erin of course was just a tad bit closer leaving her to reach the weapon first, she quickly picked it up and aims it at Wymark. Tony take a few steps back raising his hands about half way up to his chest, but not in surrender though, more as in trying to get her to calm down. "Erin, you don't want to do this." Tony muttered. "We can talk about it, just calm down."

While thinking that Erin was distracted, Ramos slowly started to close in on her. Erin wasn't stupid though, she knew her father's men, she grew up around these guys. She heard what was probably the tiniest of sound come from behind her, and when Tony's gaze shifted behind her for only a second she knew something was up. She quickly turned around and noticed that Lou was coming towards her, and with no hesitation she fired two shots straight into his lower stomach.

Lou stopped dead in his tracks, falling to his knee's as he clung onto his lower abdomen. He slowly removed his trembly hand away from his wound, which was now coated with thick red blood. He turns his head slightly staring at Erin in disbelief that she had actually shot him, and collapse to the floor. Erin immediately turns back around, aiming the gun back over at Tony, who was now standing by the door way.

"Move." She warned.

Wymark shook his head, "You know I can't do that, sweetheart... Please, just put it down, Erin. Your father doesn't have to know anything, just hand me the gun." He took a step towards her.

Erin fired a warning shot, nearly missing Tony by a few inches. She softly giggled to herself. "Tony, I love you, I really do. But I have no problem shooting you as well, so please, get out of the way."

Tony shook his head still, "you might as well shoot me then, because if I let you leave this house, Erin, your dad will kill me." Within those few seconds, the security alarm started ringing through the entire estate. Erin narrowed her eyes at Tony, contemplating what she wanted to do next. "Erin, please, just give me the gun. Your father probably already got the alert on his phone that the alarms going off. I'll vouch for you, sweetheart. I'll say it was a false alarm. Please, just hand me the gun."

Erin glanced down at her father's gun, still aimed at the man who practically watched her grow up. She thought about it for about maybe 0.5 seconds, when she smiled up wickedly at him. "Guess I'll need to be quick then." Half a second later she starts firing the gun, emptying the round. Tony immediately flashes out of the way, taking cover behind her father's desk. Erin doesn't waste a minute, she immediately drops the gun taking the opportunity to fly out of her father's office, heading straight for the front door.

Tony stands back up swearing under his breath. He walks over to his partner and pulls his phone out of his pocket, he dials the front gate and immediately starts yelling into the phone. "Erin's on the run, she is not to leave the premises!!!.. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO, XAVIER!... DONT LET HER LEAVE!! AND TURN THE FÜCKING ALARM OFF ALREADY!"

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