Florence Part 59

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Sarah's POV...

I have to say that when Barb started to read the diaries after dinner that evening from the oldest to the newest, we certainly we not expecting to learn about an extraordinary young woman who faced hell because of the jealousy of someone who thought herself better than everyone else.

Agnes Barton sounded like a bitch. A right proper bitch who wouldn't stand a chance if she was alive today and facing the women of this family and from what Barb was reading, it was decided to get a recorder or two and actually tape what she spoke instead of taking numerous notes.

Even though there were a few notes taken at certain times though. But we had to listen very carefully and be very quiet as well since Barb would not allow any of us to sit too close to her while she was handling the old documents in her hands. 

Although Jaxon totally ignored her and sat beside her and listened closely as we did. But he stayed silent and didn't even look or breath directly over the pages that Barb was reading from to us in a very beautifully cultured tone of voice. 

How Florence started the writings in this diary fair did take our breath away and instantly caught our attention....

Dated 4th January 1935

I have hidden my diaries in the attic in the small hidden room away from prying eyes. The have recorded within it's pages the first time I saw the man who would become my whole life. I wrote about how we met, our lives once we were married and all the joy of learning about each other as we began our family. 

I hid them because I knew that Agnes would go after them once she saw me write in them once. I should have gone with my instincts where she was concerned as avoided her at all costs. But that was hard to do when we all run in the same circles of society. So they will stay hidden from prying eyes until I can come back for them. I wrote my last entry the night before he married her after he divorced me. The foolish man. I could have sorted it all out for us if only he would have let me. I was, by birth, a Chesterfield after all with a large amount of power that went along with the name.

But that is all I will say about the sunny diaries of mine hidden among the looms.

I have dated this new part of my life from the day that my love, my soulmate, my husband had married Agnes. I thought she had been a friend, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong to be fooled by her.

From what Rupert had mentioned, she had threatened to destroy me and my family. What was sad about it was that she could have. My mother may not have looked it, but she was a half cast and there was documentation to prove it.

Even after so long of her people being free, there was still the stigma of being colored, as they called it. So many people who were colored were horribly treated with many of them 'accidentally' dying from some kind of accident or illness they suddenly contracted overnight. 

So my Rupert gave in and without even talking to me about it, he went ahead with the divorce despite the fact that I was halfway through my pregnancy with our second child.

But Agnes didn't get to have her way in everything.

She may have married Rupert and got the name, but he was still my man and mine alone.

Every night was spent with me in my bed as he refused to join her in hers. It only made her hate me more. But I had my husbands love and I knew it was real. He was my soulmate. My forever love until I take my last breath.

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