Chapter 1

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"There were dragons when I was a boy..."

You eyes fluttered open, seeing the sunlight shining through the window. You noticed that it was still quite early outside. You then shifted a bit, feeling the arms that were wrapped around your waist. You smiled as you turned around, facing Hiccup.

His face was relaxed, his auburn hair was sprawled out beneath him. You gazed over his features, memorizing the way his freckles sprinkled across his cheeks and nose. The way his brows furrowed slightly as he slept, and that small scar that laid below his chin. He was flawless.

You then closed your eyes, knowing that if you looked any longer, you would be considered a creep; stalker really.

You really need to stop doing that.

You then reopened your eyes as you began to slowly lift Hiccup's arm off of your waist gently, setting it to the side. Hiccup shifted a bit causing you to freeze. He then rolled over on his other side, murmuring in his sleep as he began to snore softly.

You then gently crawled out of bed, tip-toeing towards his desk, grabbing your armor, before quietly heading out. After putting on your armor, you walked down the stairs, seeing Midnight tucked under Toothless' wing sleeping.

You turned your gaze towards Toothless, who was already watching you with his green electric eyes.

"Hey, bud. Wanna go for a flight?" you whispered.

Toothless' ears perked up, nodding his head slightly as he lifted his wing a bit to look at Midnight. Slowly, Toothless began to lift his wing gently, carefully not to startle Midnight awake.

Once he fully lifted his wing, he slowly wobbled towards you, with one of his famous gummy smiles.

"Hey bud," you smiled, scratching behind his ears, "Let's go before anyone waked up."

You then walked towards the front door, opening it as Toothless walked straight outside. You quietly closed the door, turning around to see Toothless wagging his tail, as his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

"Lets feed you first, how does that sound?" you asked.

Toothless nodded eagerly as he licked your face, making you smile.

"Should've known, you're always hungrey," you chuckled, as you both made your way down to the docks.

As you both passed the forge, the shutters opened wide, revealing a smiling Gobber.

"Morning lassie!" he greeted.

"Morning Gobber," you smiled.

"Up this early in the morning? I thought you hated waking up early," he chuckled.

"Oh, I do. I just couldn't fall back asleep," you replied shrugging.

"Where are you headed to?" Gobber asked.

"Well, I'm going to feed Toothless before we head out on our morning flight," you replied, scratching Toothless' ears once more.

"Does Hiccup know?" he asked smiling, as you shook your head, "Oh boy."

"Don't tell him please?" you gave Gobber puppy eyes.

"Alright," he sighed, shaking his head, "But no promises."

"Thanks Gobber! See you later!" you waved, as you and Toothless began walking.

"Bye lassie!" he waved, before heading back inside the forge.

As you both reached the docks, you spotted Eret saddling up nets and bags of fish on Skullcrusher.

"Good morning Mr. Ferret!" you greeted.

He smiled faintly as he stood straighter to face you, "Morning [Name]. What are you doing up this early?"

"Well, I couldn't sleep. So, I decided to feed Toothless before we head out on our morning flight," you explained, as Eret tossed a few fish towards Toothless.

"Does the chief now?" he asked, as you shook your head, "Dragon-napping the chief's dragon I see?"

"Mmhmm," you nodded, "But we'll just keep that between you and me," you winked.

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