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I wasn't planning on them having kids, but I was planning on Niall and Liam's baby being a big focus, too. Maybe after focusing on that, it could be a smooth segue into whether or not they do?

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"Seven months till the wedding, daddy," Louis tells Harry when he finds him in the kitchen making breakfast. Harry smiles at him over his shoulder.
"That's lovely, baby. Come give daddy kisses," Harry says and turns to kiss his boy. "You edged yet?"
"Yeah, first thing I do when I wake up, now," Louis smiles bashfully.
"Good boy. I know this is a big challenge and it's quite long, so I'm very proud and impressed at how well you've handled it," Harry praises, patting Louis' nearly bare bum.

He is wearing the crop top and short pyjamas he asked for a little while ago, smiling every time he sees and feels the satin against his skin.

"Look so beautiful, Lou. Absolutely breathtaking," Harry smiles softly. "Feel good?"
"Yeah, I really like them. Thank you for letting me wear what I want," Louis says quietly and tiptoes to kiss Harry on the cheek.
"I love seeing you happy and comfortable, princess," Harry grins.

"Cuppa?" Louis offers as he moves away.
"That'd be great, love," Harry smiles. He bumps his hip against Louis', looking around to avoid making eye contact.

"Ooh, daddy wants to play," Louis giggles, hand teasing its way up Harry's spine. Harry squirms away, gasping and groaning when the pan falls and hot oil splatters onto his leg and burns through his skin.

Louis panics, trying to pull Harry onto a chair when the taller man looks down at his leg and whimpers. He watches as Harry's eyes flutter closed and he begins to fall forward. Louis doesn't know what to do other than try to catch him.

In hindsight his method probably wasn't the best and he is a lot smaller than Harry who is now a lot heavier, too, since he's been working out.

He chokes on his breath, head bouncing off the hard floor as he feels pain bloom in his shoulder and across his ribs.

Harry is dead weight, his own face colliding with the floor above and to the right of Louis' head.

In shock and too worried about his fiancé, Louis ignores his blurry vision and strokes Harry's hair.
"I've got you. You're okay. I'm sorry daddy. It's all my fault."

He manages to grab his phone, having dropped it when he fell.
"Fuck," he pants, grunting at the pain in his side when he lifts his arm to type on his phone.

"My fiancé burnt himself with hot oil. He fainted and fell on me. We've both hit our heads- I-I can't breath!" Louis wails down the phone when he's in touch with the emergency services.

They reply but Louis feels lightheaded and the pain in his head is excruciating, the rest of him throbbing with pain. In a way he's glad Harry hasn't woken up because he knows he'd be in a lot of pain if he had.

"I'm sorry, Haz.  Love you. My fault," Louis mumbles, head lolling to the side as he struggles to gasp in his breaths.

He can't see much -never mind comprehend what's happening-when the paramedics come in and roll Harry off of him.

The next thing they see is a hospital room. The machines are beeping annoyingly loud and Louis looks over to where Harry is lying in the bed on the other side of the room longingly. 

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