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My final class had finally ended. I happily walked towards my locker and as I opened it, an envelope was lying down on top of my books. I closely looked at the letters, flipping it from back to front, not knowing who was it from.

Curiosity came to me as I opened the envelope and removed the paper from inside.


Meet me at the park near the school at 9:00 pm <3

From:  Mysterious Person


"Meet me at the park near the school. From Mysterious Person" I repeat those words from the note over and over again. I wonder who sent me those letters?

And what is with the heart at the end?

"Watcha reading?" I flinched at the sudden presence and stared at Taehyung with wide eyes while my hands on my chest.

"Woah you scared me to death," 

Taehyung read the note without me knowing and his smile turned into a smirk. 

"Oooiiii, someone likes you," He nudged me with his elbow. 

"Pfft, as if. No one likes me" I said continuing packing my bag.

Taehyung gave me a serious look. "Eh! What do you mean no one likes you? I like you," I slowly stopped what I was doing and gave Taehyung a look.

"Yea I know you like but not in a romantic way," I said. He hugged me really tight.

"But I love you in a romantic brotherly way," He snickered. 

I let go of his hug with a pat on his back and now closing my locker as we began walking outside of school.

"So are you gonna go to the park?" Taehyung asked. 

"Uhh. Should I?" I said wondering whether should I go or not. 

"Of course, you should go. You will never know who will the person be," He said. 

"Mm. Okay then, I should go," I smiled. Taehyung clapped excitedly.

"Make sure you wear something good and handsome," He pointed it out. 

"Yah, I'll make sure but I always wear good clothes. Don't I?" I stared at Taehyung while he continuing walking without replying my question. He looked up at the sky while whistling, pretending that he didn't hear my question. 

"Don't I?" I said again but louder. 

"Oh, yes. You always wear good clothes," He chuckled. 

I gave him a look, unsatisfied with the answer he gave me but I just shrugged it off and just continue walking with Taehyung until he reached his house.

"Bye Jungkook, have fun at the park," He hugged before walking to his fun.

"Yep, I will. Bye," I replied back with a wave, making him wave back.

Walking alone, I reached home. I walked upstairs and lie down on my bed. I looked at the time. 

8:30 pm

Half an hour more left till I have to go to the park to meet that mysterious person.

Not wanting to be late, I changed my clothes and making sure I will look handsome. 

I walked up to my closet and see a lot of clothes that has been messily unfolded properly inside, making hard to find the perfect clothes to wear. I scratched my head, always being the messy type who never fixes his clothes. I roam through my clothes, couldn't find the perfect clothes. 

What seems like 20 minutes, I finally found the perfect clothes to wear. Looking at the time one more time, I only had 10 minutes left. I slipped on my jeans and on my plain white top with my Ironman jumper on which took me forever to find. I then slipped on my coat on before going downstairs and out towards the door. 

Exciting out of the door, I began walking to the park near our school where the person who wrote the letter to me. The sky was dark, making me unable to see properly but luckily the street lights guided me to know where was I going. The weather right now is colder than the weather in the morning, I folded my arms and continued to walk on this shivering weather. 

I reached to my school meaning that the park is nearby. I hope I won't be late. I decided to run to the park to warm me up from this coldness. I reached the park and I began to look around the park and no one was there except myself. I looked at the time and it seems like I am on time. I sat on the bench and wait for the person to come. I shivered real bad. 

5 minutes has passed and yet no one came. Is the letter just a prank? or did someone actually gave it to me to meet him here? Because I couldn't wait any longer, I started to get goosebumps on my skin and it feels like my whole face is frozen. 

I gave up waiting, so I stood up from the bench but stopped when someone gave me a beanie. I looked up and saw someone unexpectedly. 

"Park Jimin?" 


I am really sorry about this late update but I just want you guys to know that the next chapter is the finale :)

I hope you enjoy this chapter and see you guys on the final chapter 

~ Sophia

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