♡ you leak ; ♡

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in which you are on your period. but have any of you not had your first period yet? lmao weird question i know, i first got mine five years ago. cRIES LOUDLY TILL I SCREAM. 


eth ♡ ;

you were in panic mode the first time you had leaked around ethan. the two of you were in public having a great time as you sat in a small ice cream shop sharing spoonfuls of each other's ice cream to each other. ethan being the goofy guy he is decided to take his small spoon, scoop of some of the cold, sticky cream and put it on his nose and crossed his eyes while sticking out his tongue. time seemed to stop as it seemed like the funniest thing to you. you started to crack up laughing, but stopped in mid laughter as you felt yourself "let go", ruin your panties and cursed to yourself as the clothes you were wearing were thin, light weight and you started to softly cry refusing to get up and have random strangers see a blood spot from behind.

gray ♡ ;

grayson knew you had leaked on your period even when you didn't. the two of you would be lying in bed late at night and you had fallen into the deep depths of sleep. you were snoozing away, as you had leaked. staining up the crisp white sheets. grayson had panicked at first. thinking you had gotten injured. he wasn't sure what to do as he called up his mother at three a.m. in the morning. and with a tired, irritated voice she reassured grayson that it was just your "monthly" and grayson had responded with "oh yeah, i knew that." when quite frankly he had forgotten, but sadly and regretfully he woken you up giving you the hint that you had leaked.


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